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Why I now prefer my kindle to a book (and why it was a surprise!)


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kindle review - from organisemyhouse.comI have always loved books and reading.

My favourite times as a child were when I was tucked up in bed with my torch, reading under the covers so my parents didn’t know I was still awake – I suppose I should have known then that I was a night owl!

However, there was always an issue with reading in bed, and still is – and thats getting enough light to the book without having to balance a torch or keep your partner awake with a full bedside lamp on – its a dilemma but one that most of us just accept as a necessary evil to enable reading at night!

However, it was this that really made me think about trying an ereader of some description.

That, and the fact that my last but one holiday my back nearly gave way from the weight of books and magazines in my hand luggage!

And it wasn’t an easy decision.

I love the feel of books. The anticipation when you read the back cover, and the whole joy of going out and buying a book and discovering new things – its can be magical – and its something I love to do with my daughter, who already has the reading bug!

But, needs must, and as my annoyance over the niggles mentioned above grew, I knew I would finally have to give in and see what all the fuss was about.

I wasn’t expecting much!

But I was a total convert within a week – who’d have thought!

Why I chose a Kindle

A kindle ** seemed to be the logical choice for a number of reasons, but mainly because of its Amazon ** links – I was already buying most of my books from Amazon anyway, and I just decided that I would choose one of their kindle options – as they had good reviews.

I went for a Kindle Fire HD ** in the end – it was comparable in features to the ipad (at least the features I would be using it for) – but a lot more cost effective.

Why is a Kindle a good choice?

Heres a list of all the reasons why my kindle has won my heart:-

  • Its easy to carry around in my handbag, so I can take documents to read when I am out and about
  • It is a tablet and an ereader combined
  • The weight is light enough to be able to hold up in bed or the bath (!)
  • The screen is a good size
  • The brightness of the screen can be changed – great when reading at night as you want a softer light that won’t wake your partner up!
  • You can use it for surfing the web, reading documents, email, facebook, pinterest, twitter to name a few!
  • Its handier than having to boot up my laptop if I need to check something quickly – as its always booted up
  • You can download loads of apps on it – such as cameras, games, notepads, clocks, music and video etc…..
  • It can store a HUGE amount of books and magazines for you – which was the best thing when going on holiday this year as I could take 10 paperbacks and then decide when I got there what I was in the mood to read on any given day.
  • Very long battery life – I use it most evenings to read for at least an hour, and on and off during the day for checking on websites etc… – and it usually lasts a week before needing charging again.
  • Its really user friendly – I set it up easily and quickly and haven’t had any issues with it since I got it.

Theres always a negative side though….

However great my kindle is, I do still have a love of books, and it will never completely erradicate books from my house.

I read and buy books on the Kindle that are books I would never really want to keep for more than a few years (I may re-read information books a few times) – but I still buy books in their true form when I know its a book I will treasure for years to come.

The other negative side of e-readers in general is the cost – as ebooks are sometimes the same price as buying the actual book – so whereas in days gone by ebooks were a lot more cost effective, its not so much the case any longer.

For me this isn’t an issue as I pay for the book I want and read it – but for some this can be seen as a disadvantage as they don’t get to keep the book and aren’t able to loan it out to others.

Lastly – and again not an issue for me – but the Kindle Fire ** I have is great for inside reading – but you can’t see the screen well outside – which isn’t great – the less fancy kindle ereaders ** are great for that though.

My advice to anyone thinking of buying one

If you are tempted to get one for yourself (or to treat a loved one this Christmas), then I would look at the following when making a decision:-

  • Have a decent amount of storage (you can choose between 8GB and 16GB) – 8GB is perfectly fine if you only read books on it, but if you are thinking of using it for apps and for storing a huge amount of books then you may find its worth the 16GB size). HOWEVER – you do also get unlimited cloud storage for your ebooks so this may be perfectly fine for what you need.
  • The 7″ screen is perfectly fine for viewing everything – so choose this over the larger screen as I think the larger screen is actually a little too heavy to read easily, and not as portable.
  • Check what the spec is – as Amazon have been known to change the spec on models – so know what you are buying!
  • Ensure that you know what you want to use it for – and buy accordingly – you don’t want to pay for functionality you won’t use – and as said in the negatives section, if you want to read outside then you are better off buying a more simple kindle ereader rather than the Fire version.
  • Always get a cover ** for it as its easier to carry and easier to hold – you can get covers that enable it to stand up as well which could be a bonus for some.

Why a kindle is better than a book - surprisingly!So – what do you think?

Are you sold on your ereader, which do you have? – or do you hate the idea of using one? – leave me a comment below.






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