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Why Being Busy Is Your Most Productive You


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If you want something done - give it to a busy personThis past month has been manic in my life.

My day job as an interior designer has filled every working hour and most evenings as well, with large project deadlines hitting. My daughter started school. My mum had some bad health news and an operation along with several hospital visits (shes getting better now though fortunately), other family members have been having a very tough time as well, and to top it all off, we had some personal bad news ourselves to deal with.

Suffice to say my brain has been full to bursting and there has felt like not enough hours in the day to deal with everything and give everyone the time that I would like to have done.

But – it WAS done, and we are getting through it all.

Why was it done? Because it had to be – we had to deal with it all and just dig deep for that time.

Basically, we got through it because we maximised our time wherever possible.

If you want something done, give it to a busy person

I started to see pockets of time that had previously been wasted, my hubby and friends took on some extra things that usually I would have done, and everything ended up ticking over fine.

Yes, some things (read: dusting) fell by the wayside – but overall, given the unusual circumstances, things went OK.

The other extreme…

In comparison – a few months ago things were really quiet – design jobs were ticking over but small (most people don’t want to think about decorating in the summer!), all other parts of life were looking OK, mostly people were healthy, and my daughter was in her summer holidays.

We had lots of time on our hands, and yet it was only the jobs we had to do each day that got done – we were “busy” for the rest of the time with other things to do.

Getting the balance right

So, how come when things are quiet there is very little spare time, but when things are busy we can still get things done?

My thinking?

You’ll fit projects to the time you have.

If you have one major thing to do in a week, then it will take a week. Give yourself 3 days to do the same task and you can usually get it done fine even if it means juggling other things around more.

So ask yourself – Imagine what you could do if you managed your time as effectively as a busy person the whole time!

Now – I’m not saying you should run on maximum every day of your life – you would end up with burnout. Its just not healthy. And some of the things I was busy with this month wouldn’t be wished on anyone, so I am simply talking about getting the most out of what you need to do every day.

By understanding where you could be busier, and where you are wasting time (procrastination anyone?!), it may just help towards ticking those TO DOs off the list once and for all.

Just a thought…..

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