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Wheres the pain? Woking out how to change systems to be more organised from organisemyhouse.comI am awful at going to the doctors.

It feels like whatever my worry, I am wasting their time – and I make excuses not to go until I can’t put up with whatever it is any longer.

The ironic thing is that I know that I always feel better once I’ve been, as its not playing on my mind any longer so it frees me up to concentrate on other more interesting stuff.

I know that I could have saved myself a lot of unnecessary worry and stress by just taking some time up front to go and get checked out.

I literally solved my pain by taking control back and tackling it head on – and its like that with organising.

Whats causing you pain?

You can live with systems that aren’t working because you are used to them and have often found workarounds that will suffice. You may barely even realise that theres an issue anymore – so deeply ingrained is your way of doing things.

The problem is that some things that could be done more easily and with less pain to you are never dealt with head on – because its a perceived waste of time to sort it out.

Time that you haven’t got spare – and its working well enough as it is (even with a little associated pain!).

For example:-

You constantly find yourself emptying your underwear drawer out onto the floor as everything is mixed together and you need to find a specific item in the mess.

Its just how you find things each day, thats the system you use. Its a hassle, but its done in a few minutes, so wheres the problem?

Maybe you think that the time spent hunting for what is needed each day is compensated for by the speed you can stuff your clean items away after they’ve been washed.

Stop and think…

Does it take that much longer to split your underwear up when you put it away? Not really.

Your time savings would actually be far greater if you just tackled the actual problem, and got more organised up front.

You would also gain more advantages if you got more organised – better upkeep of items as they would be stored properly, and saving energy and frustration each day hunting for things that you may or may not find.

Working out what is causing your pain, and putting systems in place to ease that pain, is the key to getting more organised

How to find your pain

Pain could be many things:-

  • Time wasted looking for lost keys
  • Money wasted buying things that you don’t need
  • Energy wasted by having to go to the shops several times in one day because you kept remembering errands
  • Stress caused by missed appointments

I could go on and on, but you get the idea – they are the things that make your life a little less easy each and every day.

Heres an example from my own home –

I hated cleaning the glass shower screen in our bathroom. It always had water marks all over it, and took ages to get properly clean. I felt that I was wasting a lot of time each week trying to get the job done, but I did get the job done, so thats how it stayed for a while.
I identified the pain was the water marks rather than the time taken to clean each week.
So I looked at ways to reduce the water marks in the first place, therefore hopefully taking away the need to clean for as long as I did – and I started to use a wiper after each shower to take the water off the screen.
As part of my daily shower, I finish by wiping down the glass – a little change in my habits that really makes all the difference.
The result? Perfectly clean shower screen every day for minimal fuss – it takes 20 seconds a day to do, and saves much more time from cleaning.
I identified the pain, stopped working around it, found a solution that works – and tweaked an existing habit so that my life got easier.

See the reason to do something

Using this method of identifying the pain and tackling it head on really makes a difference quickly to how easy your life becomes.

Its the most effective way to ensure that new systems and habits stick, as removing the pain gives tangible benefits immediately.

If you can’t quantify the results, then you won’t see a point in doing it – and just by asking yourself what the pain is will help you see the results and measure them.

Jim Rohn sums it up in “the Art of exceptional living” which is an audiobook I have in my car and listen to often – he talks about needing to understand your WHY, HOW and WANT before you can change anything and before something becomes a habit.

By this he means that if you have a reason for doing something, and you know how you can change it, and you want to change it – then you will be able to change it – your reason is the pain, your how is how you will tackle it head on, and your want is to get rid of that pain.

Put it all together and you will find that you can start to tweak some of those little habits that are part of your daily life, and make your life that bit easier.

In Summary

  • Find something that causes you unnecessary stress, hassle, time wasting, money wasting, or frustration within your day.
  • Recognise what the actual pain is.
  • Work out a system to fix that pain
  • Turn that system into a habit
  • Add that habit to your daily life, and the pain goes away

Wheres your pain - organising issue from organisemyhouse.comand what could be better than that! So – whats your pain?……

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