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Where do I put stuff while I’m organising?!

where do i put things when organisingThis was a question recently asked by one of my fantastic facebook followers – thanks Vanessa!

I often get asked about where things need to go while you are organising, as it can be so easy to get overwhelmed when you start to sort out a space in your home.

You have to remember one main point:-

Things have to get worse before they can get better.

So many people start to get organised, create a mess, see that mess and believe that they are making matters worse rather than better, and stop.

That just leaves you disheartened and depressed.

So whats the answer?

Accept that the process of getting organised will create mess

Its only for the short term.

But still, that small amount of mess while you organise things has to be put somewhere.

I have no space at all – can’t even see the floor…

If you really have no space and you as yet can’t see the floor let alone get organised around what you have in the space currently – then consider going around the whole house first and do a declutter.

I use this technique to thin things out – and then you aren’t trying to find spaces to store things that you actually don’t want anymore.

Let things go to charity, friends and family – even the bin if they aren’t good anymore – but get them out of your space.

I have only very limited space

If you have a little space, but not a lot – and the thought of organising fills you with dread as you think about mountains of items being piled in the middle of the room – then I suggest a different tack:

Just organise a small area at a time – especially if you live in a small home or just don’t have the space to spread out.

Do a drawer or a shelf at a time and work your way around the space.

(This also works well as you can get one small thing organised and finished usually in one session – so you feel that sense of completion and achievement which is a great motivator)

We usually will have enough floor space to sort out a drawer or a cupboard. If you are working on your wardrobe then the bed is the ideal place to sort things as this is (usually) a clear space and is a good height so you don’t need to bend down as much. If you prefer to sort at a height for the rest of your items then why not use a trestle table or similar – that way you can see exactly what you are organising.

Space will appear as you progress

If you start small, then as the spaces get organised, you will find you have more room as you go naturally – and each small space can usually be housed for the short time that you are organising it.

The worst offender in creating more and more mess when yo are organising is being distracted by other areas and adding them into the equation too soon.

We have all been there – you start in the bathroom and find a hairbrush that lives in the bedroom – walking into the bedroom you see something there that doesn’t belong – and before long you are chasing things all around the house, making everything messy and getting disheartened by the whole process.

The answer?

Instead, grab a box and put anything in that that doesn’t belong in the space you are currently organising.

At the end of your organising session and ONLY AT THE END (!) you can simply walk around the house with the box and put things back where they belong (and if that area hasn’t been organised, put it in approx the right place, as it will be there and ready to sort out when you come to organising that area.

In summary

The best idea to avoid overwhelm and too much extra mess in the house is as follows:-

  • Do a declutter of the obvious items that you don’t want/need – to create extra space immediately
  • Focus on a small area at a time
  • Use a folding table if you have no floor space, as you only need to find room for 4 legs!
  • Don’t move on to another area until this space has been organised
  • When organised, put away any items that you have found in the space that don’t belong
  • Move on!

how do i get organised?The main idea is that as you go around the house getting small areas organised, you will have more and more places that you know where things go – and more space to organise – so it should hurt the most when you start, but get easier as you go.

So – where do you put things when you get organised? Let me know below!

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3 Responses to Where do I put stuff while I’m organising?!

  1. Angela Metcalfe Nov 7, 2013 at 3:06 am #

    I agree, once you get your head around the fact that you will create more mess it does become easier. Leave all the day to day chores and focus on finishing the task.

  2. Pepper Cee Aug 4, 2013 at 6:32 am #

    Wonderful tips! There truly has to be a space for everything even the minute things and jars make excellent containers. Don't you think? I'd use them at my apartments in Bradenton FL; and perhaps adorn them with ribbons and colorful labels as well.

  3. James Harrison Jul 31, 2013 at 6:08 am #

    Nice blog! If there are large number of materials so one of the most easiest way to store these items with the help of PODS.

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