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This post is one I wanted to share with you as a great little infographic was sent to me recently all about Home Security. This is something that is definitely on the less glamorous side of homemaking, and unfortunately it’s usually not until the worst happens that we make any changes, but it is vital to be prepared and we all need to be more aware of it.

What to consider when looking at your home security

Our story…

I am very keen to ensure that our home is as secure as possible, as unfortunately we have been burgled twice in the past.

Both times we were burgled it was at night. The first time we slept through – someone managed to get in and looked through drawers downstairs for car keys the police think (we didn’t really have an expensive car, but car thieves will steal specific cars to order and ours just happened to be on that list). The second time was just 6 weeks later when I was awoken by a loud banging noise and looked out of our bedroom window. Several people were trying to break our lounge window by sheer force in an attempt (the police think) to grab our car keys and go. They saw me and luckily ran off – but it definitely shook me up. The next day my husband sold that car…

These stories are not meant to scare you – more to make you realise that these things can happen. It wasn’t really until they happened to us that we took our home security more seriously.

As a result, in our current home we have installed an alarm that is turned on at night and when we go out of the house, fitted a more secure front door, and never leave keys in windows or doors or in sight.

The lesson here is to take action now rather than wait for it to happen…

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Tips and stats

Here is the infographic I was talking about – I found it interesting, and there are lots of tips that you can implement in your own home – How many do you already do?

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Extra tips I have learnt from my experiences: –

Of course – having gone through burglaries, I have learnt from them – and as such I wanted to share my top tips with you as well so hopefully you are even more prepared.

  • Leave keys out of sight but easily accessible – if a burglar gets in and wants your car then the police I spoke to told us it is preferable to let them find the keys and go.
  • Never try and apprehend a burglar – call the police from your mobile if you are woken, and stay put.
  • Put lighting on timers in your home to give the impression you are in if you are going away – this can act as a deterrent.
  • Never make it obvious you are away – don’t leave notes outside your home for your milkman/postman etc… with your plans (i.e. please don’t leave parcels here on x / please cancel milk for x). Put some lights on timers to give the impression you are at home, and never post on social media that you are away.
  • And if the worst does happen – be prepared. Have an up to date list of the valuables in your home (I have a home inventory printable in my Home File) – if you are burgled then it is quick and easy to show what was stolen and make a claim. Taking photos of your valuables is also a great idea as you can give to the police so they can tell that they are yours if they show up (useful for jewellery especially).

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Ideas and tips to make your home as secure as possible. Home security tips - better to be safe!

I hope all these tips have given you food for thought. Take a bit of time today to walk around your home and check that you are as secure as possible – you won’t regret it.

Have you ever been burgled? What do you do to make your home more secure? I’d love to know, and your experiences may help someone else in the future – so please leave your comments below – thanks in advance x

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