Why it’s key to understand what works for you & your home


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It’s so important when it comes to organising your home that you look at your space as it currently is. Working out what works can give you so many clues as to how to change that which doesn’t.

Most of us like looking at other people for inspiration – whether you scan magazines, read books, look online, or simply get ideas from friends homes – there’s a plethora of ideas that can sway you to adopt in your own home.

This is great in terms of getting ideas and tips, but it really is worth looking at your own home for inspiration first – and that’s because it’s completely relevant to you!

Why Finding Out What Works For You Is Key

So often we tend to overlook what’s right in front of us – and however unorganised you may think your home is, there will definitely be some things that work like clockwork within your house.

Take a look around and really start to notice whats working for you – and equally what really isn’t working – I find that writing it down in 2 lists really helps focus my mind.

Why bother?

If you can pinpoint what is working and what isn’t, then you can start to see how you like to live, and begin to visualise what type of organising would be best for you so that it works once it’s done.

After all – if you simply copy someone else because you like how it looks, you may well end up with a system that looks great but functions terribly for your needs, and you would be no better off than before you started (but a little more tired!).

Why fix it if it ain’t broke 

The other reason for looking at what works for you, is that you don’t want to end up reinventing the wheel – and changing things for the sake of change.

It actually means that you end up with less to do than you may have thought!

Let’s take a look at a few examples:-

Example 1

  • WHAT WORKS? – I can always find my keys in the morning
  • WHAT DOESN’T WORK – I’m always losing my phone

What’s the answer?

You obviously have created a specific place for your keys, and your habits are such that you put them away in that place each day so you know exactly where they are at any given time (this is the same as things like your toothbrush – which I bet you don’t have to hunt for most days!).

Simply creating a specific place for your phone will take away the stress of finding it each day. I would advise housing it where it can be plugged in to charge, and somewhere where it can be heard ringing. A hallway is usually a good spot.

Example 2

  • WHAT WORKS? – Meals are always planned for the week in advance, so everyone knows what’s for dinner each night and there are no arguments
  • WHAT DOESN’T WORK? – We are constantly getting schedules mixed up, and missing appointments and events

What’s the answer?

If you have created a great method for meal planning so people don’t argue, then you are likely to have your meals written somewhere clear that the family can see.

If you can create a visual planner somewhere in the house that the family can see (kitchen usually works well), and then add in anything that’s happening that week on it, you can hopefully start to understand schedules and stop missing things as much.

Example 3

  • WHAT WORKS? – We always have clean clothes to wear
  • WHAT DOESN’T WORK? – The house gets cleaned only once in a blue moon and it gets me down

What’s the answer?

If you have clean clothes to wear, then you are likely able to keep on top of regular maintenance and have a schedule/routine for your washing/drying/folding/putting away etc….

This could mean that you do a little each day, or you do a specific task each day, or you do everything on one day each week – whatever works for you is great!

Cleaning the house can be tackled in the same way – so have a similar schedule to your laundry for you home – i.e. tackle a certain thing each day (polishing, hoovering etc…), or do it all in one big session.

Why Finding Out What Works For You Is Key

Basically – if you take all the things that really work for you and your home, and work to create similar systems for things that don’t work, then you’ll on your way to a more organised life, and one that will definitely work best for you.

You don’t always have to look outside of your own home for inspiration!

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