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It can be so frustrating each year to start with a blank page for your packing list. You start off being stressed about what you need to take on holiday, and worried that you’ll forget something….

So – what’s the solution?

How can you make knowing what to take on holiday as easy as possible?

This post has the answer – my #1 tip to make packing SO much easier year after year – and I hope you love it!

What to take on holiday - top tip


A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post all about what kind of things to take on holiday – the ultimate list to think about – you can take a look HERE. It’s all very well and good telling you what to consider taking, and it will help, of course – but I wanted to delve even deeper today and look at how you can tailor packing lists that work perfectly for you each and every holiday you go on.

I’m sure you will have created a packing list when you have been on holiday previously, and like most people do, you probably forgot about this list the second everything was packed.

It probably ended up in the bin….


My tip is so simple really – but oh so effective!


Let me explain…

I’m all for a bit of recycling when you can – and saving time and energy in the future.

After all – you’ve spent so much time writing and planning your list of what to take on holiday, so why would you only use it once?

If you keep it – you can do so much with it….



When you arrive back from your holidays and unpack, there will no doubt be items that went unworn and unused.

There may be items that you ended up buying when out there because you needed them.

There may be items that were so used that they didn’t even make it home (or they will not be much good after another couple of wears…)

and – there may also be items that you wish you’d packed in your hand luggage rather than your main suitcase when you flew…

All these things show you what you should and shouldn’t pack next time – so why not update your packing list now by deleting what wasn’t used, and adding in what was bought out there or what you needed more of.

A few extra minutes now will save you LOADS of time next time you go away – so it’s worth it!



You can simply grab your packing list and start packing, safe in the knowledge that you will know exactly what to take on holiday as a result.

Of course – next time you will probably choose different outfits, different accessories, and your entertainment may have changed etc… – but overall the general type of items and amount of items will stay constant.

As you can predict from this – over time you’ll get a better and better list – and probably end up taking less and less items – it’s quite addictive when you start!

What to take on holiday - top tip that will change how you do your holiday packing



Now – I’m sure you’re thinking about what happens when you go on a different style of holiday?

Of course – you will probably go on a variety of holidays throughout your life – for example: –

  • Longer summer holiday in the sun
  • Winter holiday – ski
  • Weekend away – city break
  • Week away camping
  • Away with friends

And you’ll need different items for each one. What I would therefore suggest is simply creating a different list for every type of holiday you go on, and keeping them all safe. I add them to my Holiday Planner in my Home File – but you could simply file them away in your main filing cabinet, or add them to the back of your planner – whatever works for you.

TIP – Simply add a title of the type of holiday to the top of each packing list – and even give details of when that specific list was used previously so you can work out in your head whether it’s going to the similar to where you are going next. Easy, hey!?
TIP – Want a packing list, along with lots of other holiday planning essential printables? – take a look at the Holiday Planner I created which has everything you will need for a great holiday!


Top tip to help answer the question of what to take on holiday. Make your holiday packing easier every year with this simple yet effective holiday packing tip.This is such a simple tip – but it has honestly saved me hours of planning over the years, so I had to share.

If you only do one thing this year when organising your holidays – I’d suggest making yourself an evergreen packing list so you know exactly what to take on holiday each and every time you go away – you won’t regret it!

…and don’t forget – if you want my ultimate summer holiday checklist for what to pack, then THIS POST is for you! – enjoy x


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  1. Vicki Jul 18, 2017 at 12:50 pm #

    Great tip. We have been going camping every year since my daughter was little and each year I do this. I also recommend making a note of any items that you only use for holiday that have broken and need replacing. It saves a lot of time the next year as you will know you threw it away and won’t be hunting for it!

    • Chrissy Halton Jul 20, 2017 at 11:26 am #

      Perfect Vicki! – thanks for your comment, and I love the extra tip!

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