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What one thing will make the most difference to being organised?

what will make the most difference when i organise itI‘m afraid to say that there is not one single answer for this, as everyone and every home is so different.

It would be fantastic if I could wave a magic wand and have a tried and tested recipe for organising homes that worked on every single one in the same way – a blueprint – but that just won’t cut it.

We all have such different lives (work, family, social, hobbies etc….) and as such we need different things to run in different ways.

What I would say is that simply having a sense of being organised is so important in a home, as it tends to have a relaxing calmness to the space immediately – and who wouldn’t want that!

So I am going to go through a few things, where you can pick what springs out to you as one that will really help change how you live for the better.

1. Organise the thing that is hurting you most

By far the best way to get started on organising is to sort whats making the most niggles in your home.

This is also true to being one of the key things to make a difference immediately.

As you are making a change to something that causes you pain (whether that pain is felt in time, effort, money etc…), then removing that pain will immediately impact your life.

Do you always lose your keys? then start by setting up somewhere thats accessible to hang or store your keys each night when you come into the house. Yes, it will take time for that habit to stick – but work on this and only this until it does become second nature, and you will feel the difference.

2. Get the whole family on board

You can’t expect to wake up one day and get organised.

It just doesn’t happen that way.

Its a process rather than an immediate fix – but it is worth it!

The thing is, you are making it at least a thousand times harder for yourself if you don’t bring the others in the household along on the journey with you – as otherwise you will find yourself losing the battle time after time.

If you get organised, but right behind you the rest of the family are simply carrying on as normal and undoing what you have done, then you are achieving little.

What will make a huge difference is to show those members of your family what a difference individual things make to their lives.

Prove that a little effort up front can help them individually, whether directly by them being able to find things more easily, or indirectly when you have more time to spend with them due to being more organised – if they can start to see the benefits then they will be brought into things as well and want to help.

3. Creating a nerve centre for the house

My last “thing” in this post is to create a nerve centre for your home.

By this I mean that every home has paperwork, incomings and outgoings, party invites, letters etc…… – the list really is endless.

They also have schedules, appointments and a hundred other little things that all need to be kept to hand and not forgotten about.

The quickest way to make a real difference in a home is to get all this sorted so that no one is late, nothing is missed, and everything can be found quickly.

Creating a place in your home where everything important can be kept – altogether – is vital for its smooth running.

Thats why my first two ebooks are all about paperwork and creating a home file – its that important to get them right.

After all, if everyone in the household knows where they can find information quickly – then life should run more smoothly.

Try creating your own nerve centre see the difference it can make.

(You will also find that you can start to get rid of lots of odd bits of paperwork that you have been saving – like business cards, flyers etc… – as there will be a place to add all that information too)

In summary

When you get organised, you have to start somewhere – so get the family on board with any changes, start where it hurts the most, and deal with your paperwork and home information – and you’ll really be on the road to getting organised and staying organised.

What do you think would make the most difference in your home? Let me know below….


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4 Responses to What one thing will make the most difference to being organised?

  1. Maria Knight Aug 20, 2013 at 7:03 am #

    Drastically declutter!

  2. Maria Jul 13, 2013 at 2:42 am #

    What makes the biggest impact in organizing for me is to clear all visible surface areas or ” Clear the Decks ” as I often say !! I have found this is the very best way to get the organizing ball rolling .Enjoy your posts as they are truly helpful – thank you.

  3. Lauren Jul 11, 2013 at 7:19 am #

    I do agree with you organizing home is not an easy process it needs co-ordination. I found your tips really helpful in getting organized. This is fantastic; you have done a great job. Thanks a lot for making this post informative.

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