What is your Why?


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Your reason for saving timeDo you worry you don’t get enough done each day? that life is passing you by because you are busier and busier? Are you always trying to find ways to get more done in less time but never feeling you are getting anywhere?

You aren’t alone.

But do you ever stop and ask yourself why you are doing this?

Why are we all so hell-bent on becoming the most productive we can be?

For what?

Let me put this to you – If you gain more time in your day by doing something in a more streamlined way, do you really use that time well, or is it simply engulfed into doing more of the day to demands – making you need more time and feeling less fulfilled than ever?

Its a self perpetuating beast if done this way.

Determine your Why

The key to making the most of your time and being happier with how you spend your time is to determine the all important WHY.

What are you doing it for? why are you trying to save time? is there really a point to you becoming more productive or are you simply creating more busyness?

Your Why is the reason you smile – its the priorities and goals you have for you life – its the important stuff.

If you can identify where you manage to save time and then make it count, you’ll be more satisfied with your life and get more out of your day.

Make your WHY you need time into the WHAT you do with the time saved

For example:-

I found that it saves me 1.5 hours a week to do my weekly shop online rather than at my supermarket. The breakdown of time spent is as follows:-

Supermarket shop – Drive to store (.25 hrs), shopping (1.25hrs), drive home (.25hrs) , unload and put away (.5hrs) – total of 2.25 hrs

Online shop – Shopping (.5hrs), putting away (.5hrs) – total of 1hr

This is a very tangible saving, and makes the food shop a really quick and easy thing to tick off my TO DO list, rather than a full morning task.

So – next time I order online, I will ensure I do something else with the saved 1.25 hrs that otherwise may not have been made a priority.

I won’t fill it with my TO DOs – as its my effectiveness at doing the task that has gained me this extra time, so I should spend it on my WHY.

Stop and smell the roses!

My WHY? I may go on a run, read a magazine, catch up with a friend, spend extra time with my daughter – anything that makes that saving worth doing – and makes me feel like I didn’t squander that extra time.

If we don’t think in this way, then we all run the risk of becoming productive to the point of burnout – saving time more and more but filling it up again as fast as we save it – and who wants that?

We all have an example of times when we haven’t been sensible with our time – Its the story of the woman who goes part time at work to spend more time with the family – but finds that she is spending less time with the family than ever because she fills the time with other TO DOs such as taking on extra responsibilities at the school. Her WHY hasn’t been listened to at all.

So – whats your WHY and how are you going to create time for it today?

In summary

A little time up front making things more streamlined really can give you the time to do whats important to you – don’t just let it get swallowed up in yet more TO DOs – allow time for the important things in your life.

The reality is we will always have TO DOs on the list – they aren’t going anywhere. We can manage them though, and stop them from becoming overwhelming – but in order to really make a difference to your life, be aware of WHY you want to have more time – and then you won’t go far wrong!

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