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What is an organised home?

So many of us strive for a perfectly organised home – but do any of us know what that really looks like?

It’s really hard to describe!

What is an organised home?© Grazvydas |

Try it – what picture does your mind come up with when you think about an organised home?

  • Rows of beautifully organised items on shelves and in cupboards
  • A minimal home with little clutter
  • The show home look

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An organised home doesn’t have to LOOK organised

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t believe that an organised home has to be minimal or look totally organised at all.

In fact, I believe that even the most minimal of homes can be disorganised, while you can live in what looks like a very chaotic home, but still be totally organised within it.

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Function wins against looks

An organised home, to me, is a place that functions well for those living in it – irrelevant of what it looks like.

It will enhance how people live so they waste less time and stress on the things that a disorganised home causes.

The trick is about making your home work for the style and look you feel most comfortable in, rather than trying to live in a home that you feel you can’t properly live in.

Whatever your style is, and whatever space you have, you should be able to make it function for you first and foremost.

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Don’t beat yourself up!

So, what I put to you is that if you are constantly striving for the perfectly organised home then you may always be disappointed.

If your vision of what is organised doesn’t match up with your style and how you live in your home – then you’ll never feel that you have reached your goal.

It’s therefore time to shift your vision of organised.

Organised is a function – not necessarily a look

Having an organised home means creating one beneath the surface and not one that just looks organised.

You may have spent time getting everything looking like its organised, all out of the way with plenty of storage etc… – but when you come to find things and live its just as hard as it ever was (you haven’t tackled the systems and routines you have in place so fundamentally nothing will have changed and you will be just as disorganised as ever).

Understanding this will make your journey to being more organised a lot easier to cope with.

….of course, if you find that you prefer an organised look as well, then that’s going to be part of your style – I am not going to stop you labelling/making things look prettier etc…. as I do that myself!


The point is though – you can stop trying to LOOK organised and concentrate instead on BEING organised first – as that, after all, is the goal!

What do you think of when you think of an organised home? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below…

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