What does organised mean to you? – why you need a plan


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why you need a planMy organising acronym ADORE sums it up really – the A at the start stands for assess.

Its front and centre to the process of getting organised, and without following that step you are missing a vital part.

Getting to grips with the what and why you are getting organised is key to organising a space so that it works specifically for you and your needs.

Know yourself

Have you ever tried to implement someone elses methods only to find that they don’t work for you?

Even the best systems in the world will only work for each individual person if they do a few tweaks here and there.

Think about the final product

As with redecorating a room, you always end up with a better product that you love and can live with for longer, if its planned out.  After all thats why interior designers create mood boards – to see that the final product will work together well and create that vision right at the start.

And its the same for getting organised.

When you plan the space first, you will get better results that last longer and work for you better.

Plan what you need and you will get a better end product.

You need to ask yourself loads of questions at the start – think about everything:-

  • What space is best for that function in your home?
  • What are the measurements?
  • What needs to be housed there?
  • How will you use it going forward?
  • Does anything need to be changed?

What does organised mean to you?

You need to ask yourself what organised looks like to you when you start planning, as this can drive the way you go about getting organised.

To some people, organised means simply being able to put their hands on things as and when they want it – others want their homes to run more smoothly, and others just want a clutter free home.

When people declutter they usually aren’t going for totally show home immaculate – most simply want to be a little neater and for their homes to run a little smoother.

If you try and aim for show home – you may well be just as unhappy when finished as when you started – so you need to identify what you want, and plan for that.

Also – if you don’t know where you want to get when you start organising – then how do you know when you’ve got there!

So how do you plan your organising?

Just like the designer mood board mentioned at the start of this post, using a mood board (Pinterest is great, or pen and paper) will help to identify what organised means to you.

Get a large peice of paper or go onto the computer and pull together all the words and pictures that mean something to you – this will give you a really good feel for what you are trying to achieve.

This will help you create your ideal home, one that runs well for you, and one that you set out to achieve – don’t be swayed into what others think organised should look like – make a plan just for you and run with it  – good luck!

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