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What do I do if I don’t have the time to get organised?

I don't have the time to get organisedOne of the most common problems people face when it comes to getting organised is their lack of time.

We all lead busy lives, and have so much to do each and every day, it seems too daunting to add such a large task such as getting organised to the list as well.

The easiest way to think about your lack of time is as follows:-

Simply ask yourself how long are you currently wasting each day due to being disorganised?

How long are you searching for lost items, rushing around due to forgetting things, popping to the shops as you haven’t forward planned etc….

All these things take time.

Yes, organising everything takes time and effort to complete – but once it has been done then it will only take a few minutes each day to upkeep – so in the long run you will be doing yourself a favour to get organised now.

And also – you only have to tackle one thing at a time – so you can fit things in around your own commitments – you don’t have to do everything at once (I would go into overwhelm if I had to do this, and I LOVE getting organised!)

Getting organised is HUGE! – and would be daunting whether you had a few minutes spare a day or an entire year to devote to it.

The key is to split things up into manageable chunks first.

Dealing with smaller tasks makes things automatically seem easier.

Say you want to organise the paperwork in your home – you may want to just set the first task as simply to collect everything together in a box on the first day, on the second day you may want to go through and weed out the rubbish – and so on.

Each task is do-able on its own, and with every step you are on the way to a more organised life.

Lastly – if you need an even more compelling reason as to why getting organised is a good idea to spend some time on and prioritise – think about what you can do with the extra time once you’ve finished…..

Relaxing, taking up a new hobby, quality time with family and friends, starting a business etc……  the list really is endless.

So – can you spare a few minutes today to get started?

TASK – Why not join the facebook page as I post a daily task each and everyday – this is an easy way to get a little done, and won’t impact your day too much at all – loads of people are already joining in and having fun in the process!

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