25 Easy Morning Habits To Add To Your Routine!


Mornings don’t have to be hard – in fact, they can be fun if you do them right!  The key is adding some easy morning habits to start your morning off the way you want the rest of your day to go.  Here are 25 great ones to add to your routine.

Put your alarm clock away from your bed so you HAVE to get up to turn it off.


Forcing yourself out of bed is a great way to make it less enticing to hit the snooze button and just to get up and stay up.  You’ve created pain (in the alarm going off) and only you can stop it, by getting up!

Wake up at the same time every day – so your body gets used to it (your circadian rhythm).


Creating a routine inside your body will help everything become easier.  If you are always going to bed at different times, then it stands to reason that your body won’t want to wake up as easily – it doesn’t know when it will next get sleep!

Wake up at a time that gives you plenty of time before you have to leave the house.


As soon as you have to start rushing around you feel worse.

Have something fantastic to wake up for each day


This doesn’t have to be anything big, but has to be something that you love doing. Kids get up easily each day because they are genuinely excited about what’s in store. If you can do one thing every day that makes you happy, you’ll be a lot more likely to want to get out of bed more easily because you’ll have a positive mindset, and on that note….

SMILE as soon as you wake up


force the positivity if you’re struggling with it. Your body can’t always tell whether you mean it or not!

Drink a glass of water before you do anything else


(some people love warm water with fresh lemon – a really healthy habit for many). I try and drink water before I have my much needed coffee – so it makes me drink it (as the coffee is much more wanted!).

Have some quiet time just to get yourself ready for the day – ideally before anyone else is up.


Make your bed – this just sets you up for the day really well (and you won’t be tempted to get back in it – or is that just me!)


Open the windows – as soon as you can get some fresh air and light into your home.


This will wake you up and make you feel great (even in winter this works really well, but obviously close them again quite quickly!).

Let the kids have some responsibility. You don’t have to do it all every morning. Kids can get their own mornings sorted from a young age if they are allowed to manage their own routine.


Put some lively music on.


This is a great daily habit – especially if like me you love to sing! – having a playlist of your favourite happy tunes will really get you in the mood for a good day. (dancing to the music will also tick off the exercise as well!).

Read through your schedule for the day.


Wherever you write it down, check what you have got coming up in your day, then you’ll know what’s coming and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

When you have looked at your schedule for the day (#12), then you can add in any TO DOs that would fit into the rest of your time.


Making sure you look at your TO DO list each day will mean you are more likely to actually get them done and take them off the list!

Get in touch with your feelings. Whatever our days look like, there is some flexibility in our schedules. Yes, some things have to be done at set times, but others can easily be moved around.


It therefore makes perfect sense to work around how you are feeling each day. You are more productive when you are ready to get specific things done, so why fight how you feel?

Start with the end in mind.


If you think about how you want to feel when the day is over, and what you want to have accomplished,  then this will help you prioritise what you should do that day. Asking yourself “what REALLY needs doing today?” really helps.

Get dressed for exercise.


This allows you to be ready for running around the house/errands etc… and for that all important exercise when you can fit it in.

Get dressed for your day as soon as you can


You will feel like you can tackle more when you feel good about how you are looking.

Have a uniform.


If you wear similar outfits each day you won’t have to think as much about what to put on, and you can easily save time and hassle by doing so.



A morning workout will keep your body and mind at its best so you will be more productive during the day.

Chat with your children / partner / someone!


Making time to talk to those we love can really help us tune in to what’s important in life – and makes mornings much more interesting! (much better than grunting at each other over the cereal!)

Have a healthy breakfast.


Making time to talk to those we love can

Kettle boiling? Use the minutes for a quick chore.


Put some laundry in the machine, unload the dishwasher, fold clothes on the dryer – whatever needs doing, get at least one thing done in this time that would otherwise be wasted.

Get dinner sorted.


Take a look at your meal plan and do any prep you can ahead of time.

Do a 10 minute house scan.


You should be able to spot all those little things and get them out of the way first thing.  No more distractions (at least, for now!)

Give yourself a break


Take a few minutes each morning to tell yourself that you’re doing great, and you’ll immediately feel more empowered and ready to face the day ahead.

You don't have to remember them all - just grab the free printable and you can have a copy to work through. Your mornings will never be the same again!