R = Real Life

Then its time to live with what you have created – working out whether you have allocated enough to each person, whether its still too much etc… can only happen when you have been using your newly organised space for a while.


E = Evaluate

Once you have lived with things for a while, you can then decide whether changes need to be made to make it work even better for you.

You may decide that you need towels in a different place, or that you are not using all sets of bedding – whatever it is, you can change to suit you and your needs more.

TIP – using white bedding on all beds makes for easy washing and easy bed making – you can add color in cushions and throws if you like. This gives a really nice boutique hotel feel really easily.


Linens – sorted!

So – are you ready to tackle your linen cupboard now? I hope these tricks have helped you and given you some ideas of how to go about organising your linens and towels.

The real key here is to work out how much you need to store – I actually got rid of 6 towels that we hadn’t used for ages, as they were older and we have nicer towels to use. I realised that it took longer to put towels away after washing because we had to find room and squash them in each time – whereas just decluttering has made life so much easier!

Why make life harder when we try and store too much in too small a space, and why keep things we don’t use?



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Reader Interactions


  1. Catherine says

    Please consider donating your unwanted linen – towels especially – to your local dog/animal rescue charity, ours is always in need of these and very grateful ?

  2. Chrissy Halton says

    Hi Maggie

    I would try and limit the second set to maybe 4 – and you can do this by having matching sets for all your boys. Keep them simple. If you change their bedding at intervals during the week then you will be able to keep the sets moving through the system which will avoid having to store 7 extra sets. With towels – usually 2 per person works well – this means you will also have enough for guests when they come. Hope this helps x

  3. Maggie says

    we are a family of 7…how many towels would you suggest…I use two…all my guys use one…also bedding…I can’t imagine having 7 second sets of bedding…but not sure how many extras to have…my boys are 15, 9, 7, 5, and 2…

  4. Chrissy Halton says

    Great idea Jayne. Another option for larger towels is to cut them up and use as rags and smaller towels for the pets. They are easier to handle and you have more!

  5. Jayne says

    I have always saved my ‘past their best’ towels for bathing pet dogs or wiping muddy paws.
    These are shared now between the pooches and my plumber who requested any old towels and tea towels (better size-wise) for spills and leaks. I call him when I have a bag full and he collects them when he’s passing!

  6. Chrissy Halton says

    Hi Katie – That’s great that you tackled it! – It really is one of those places that you kind of see past all the things you don’t use very often and forget they are there. I hope that you are finding the newly decluttered area easier to use, and congratulations on giving to such a worthy cause as well! x

  7. Katie says

    Actually did this at the weekend after reading this and the amount of tatty towels i had amazed me! I also found a charity that collects good condition towels and linens to help low income families set up home etc so feeling good in two ways! 🙂