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It’s always handy at this time of year to get a few tips and tricks under your belt that may just make your christmas go that much more smoothly – both in the run up, and during the festivities themselves.

As such I’ve pulled together my top 10 general Christmas tips that should leave you feeling festive rather than bah-humbug by the end of the day…

Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments at the end – thanks in advance…

Christmas Planning Tips



Get the children to go through all their toys and pick out a few (or more!) that they don’t want any longer.

This is a fantastic way to ensure that they will have room for anything new they will get – but also teaches them that Christmas is about giving as well as receiving.

Why not make it a tradition to give old toys that are still in good condition to charity? – which leads me on to the next tip…



Create your own traditions for the holidays to make them really special and unique to you and your family.

You may choose things that you did when you were little, or create ones yourself – but whatever you do – enjoy the time and the fact that you are creating fantastic memories for your children along the way…



Give children some down-time especially during the run up to Christmas.

Why not watch some festive films**, do some Christmas themed crafts** etc… – anything that relaxes them a little.

Christmas can be too overwhelming for some and they can end up getting too over excited to actually enjoy it when it comes round.



Think about others over the holidays – especially those alone or ill.

When I was a teenager we helped for a couple of years at the local hospital at their Christmas Day church service, and that was a wonderful way to give a little back.

Other things you could do is give a food hamper to a local charity, drop by and spend a little time with an elderly neighbour, invite someone who is alone to spend time with you, do a few good deeds just for the sake of it – there’s loads to do at this time of year so get your thinking cap on!



Try and get out a bit on Christmas Day or Boxing day – a walk will de-stress and will also help to let off any steam caused by over energetic children or family disputes…….

It’s also far too easy to stay in the warm and get cosy – but a little fresh air does everyone the world of good…



Don’t leave things until the last minute – unless you love stress!

As with everything big such as a party or a holiday – Christmas is a project that needs managing otherwise it can take over.

If you split tasks up into manageable chunks, and work out a rough timeline that they have to happen in, then you can start to tick off the smaller jobs and before you know it, you have got everything done with very little stress!

(The Christmas Planner that I’ve created is perfect for just this job as it helps you spread out the workload in an easy way – and ensures nothing is forgotten along the way…)



It’s a great idea to go around the house – a room at a time, and simply get rid of anything that shouldn’t be there.

What about old magazines / newspapers / broken toys / out of date food / used up bottles toiletries etc… – you’ll be so surprised at how quickly you can fill a black bin liner – and you may even find things that can be taken to charity where someone else can make good use out of them!

This all means that you have space to breathe – space to add in decorations and new presents – and when the decorations come down, the house will immediately feel less cluttered too!

TIP – Why not join the Clutter challenge if you haven’t done it already? – it’s a 30 day challenge that takes no more than 10 mins a day and can make a real difference to your home, especially at this time of year.



When it comes to organising the holidays, it’s important not to let yourself get weighed down by expectations.

It’s your time for de-stressing and relaxing as well remember!

So – why not get everyone involved in the prep and the day itself?

Delegate tasks to family members and ensure everyone does their bit.



There’s pretty much nothing worse than having to rush through every day of the holidays because you have to be there, see those people, do that, visit them etc….

Leave yourself some wiggle room in your plans, and try and have a day where you can all literally stay in your PJs if you want to.

The best Christmas memories are made in this relaxing time – so make the most of it and make sure you have some planned in.



This is a simple one that you can tick off – just make sure you enjoy Christmas as it’s too easy to rush through it and not take time to appreciate all those little moments that make it special.

It’s not just for the kids, you deserve a great time too!


Christmas general planning tips to make everything go smoothly


Are you prepared for Christmas yet? I really hope these tips will help you think of some bits that you haven’t as yet, but doing them will make all the difference.

And of course, when it comes to the day itself – have a great time, relax, it’s over so quickly and chances are noon will notice the little things you have stressed over anyway – so let them go and put your feet up as much as you possible can!

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