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3 effective tips to make your home more saleable

Autumn is a popular time for people to put their homes on the market – summers over and you can be settled into your new home by Christmas.

As such, and following on from my “Decluttering your home for selling” post where I talked about how decluttering is the #1 tip to make your home more saleable, I wanted to go a step further and look at 3 other main ways to prepare your home for selling that are truly effective in enhancing your homes appeal. 

So, if you are thinking of putting your house or flat for sale*** soon, then why not use these 3 fantastic tips to really give your home the edge on the competition.

3 effective tips to make your home more saleable

#1 – Clean

People like to know that somewhere is as clean as possible, as it not only gives a great first impression but also shows that you have looked after your home.

Spending time deep cleaning your home can make all the difference to how a buyer feels about it – think “hotel room” rather than “lived in” and you won’t go far wrong.

cleaning your home before selling will make it more saleable

#2 – Attack the D.I.Y

Cupboard doors falling off, taps dripping, peeling wallpaper?

All things that you have probably got used to over time – they are small and probably overlooked by you now – but to a buyer they are red flags, telling them that if you haven’t tackled the small issues of the house, what about the larger ones?

Why give the buyer a reason to worry? – get the D.I.Y done!

diy jobs sell house


#3 – Know your buyer

Your home needs to feel right to the buyer – so make sure that the layout and the use of each room suits what your target market will be looking for, rather than what you want.

It will pay dividends, if necessary, to move things around and create a home that works for the buyer you are trying to attract.

For example – family homes should ideally have a place to eat in the kitchen, a playroom and lots of storage – whereas young couples will be drawn to a home office, lots of wardrobe space and a sociable open plan layout.

know your buyer and target market to sell your home more easily

Do you have a tip to share? please let me know in the comments below…


*** PLEASE NOTE – This post was kindly sponsored by McCarthy and Stone – but be assured that as with all posts on this site it was written by me and all tips and views are my own.


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