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16 effective time management tips to try today



There are so many distractions in this world – the telephone, email, other people etc…. to name just a few.

To manage your time more effectively – try and block out your time and focus on the job in hand whatever that may be.

If the phone rings while you are doing something else, let it go to voicemail and get back to them when you have finished – don’t check your email until you have finished what you are doing etc….. – it takes much more time to get back into a job after getting distracted than it does to just get the job finished and move on to the next thing.



Take a look at your diary for the past month and see what you did on each day.

Are there things that you spent time on that you really didn’t need to? These sorts of things are clutter in your life and need to go.

Just as you would declutter a room – declutter your diary by taking away all the things that are not important.


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#11 – SAY ‘NO’ MORE

Leading on from #10 – if you have decluttered your diary, then don’t let it get cluttered again.

When you start to look at how you spend your time alongside how you want to spend your time – you start to become more and more aware of where you are wasting time, and what you don’t want to be doing.

Saying “No” when you haven’t got the time to commit to something can actually be very uplifting – as you can start to feel you have more control over your time again.



There’s nothing that wastes time more than procrastination.

To manage your time better – you simple need to not waste it.

When you have something to do, just get it done and move onto the next thing.



Managing your time means being clever with the time you have. If you’re doing too much then ultimately you won’t have as much time as you could have.

Try and identify areas where you could get help – and delegate or automate things wherever you can.

For example – get the family to help more with chores around the house, or set up direct debits for paying bills rather than spending time each month online banking.



I wrote a post a while back about eating a frog. Bear with me – it makes sense when you read it!

The basic premise is that if you have to do something you are dreading – you usually put it off and waste time in the process – but if you just bite the bullet and get it done then you tend to feel happier and are more productive for the rest of the day – makes sense!

I like to try and start my day with the thing that I’m not looking forward to. That way, the rest of the day is much more enjoyable as I can be safe in the knowledge that I’ve done the worst.



High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is on a lot of peoples lips at the moment – thanks to the likes of Joe Wicks**, Fitness Blender and lots of others.

The basic premise is to do short bursts of intense exercise with small rests in between, for a few minutes in total. It is meant to increase your fitness and have a whole heap of other health benefits – and in a fraction of the time of normal cardio workouts.

Of course – please be careful and read up on this if you do decide to try it out – and consult a doctor if you have any medical conditions first – but in my own experience of trying this I have to say it really does help, and is worth doing especially if you are pushed for time – although I do still like a long run or walk to clear my mind as well…



This has been saved until last but it really is the most important one.

It’s SO crucial to take care of yourself – eat healthily and keep fit.

If you don’t look after yourself, you won’t be able to manage your time as effectively, and may well have less time as a result of illness or injury.

Whats that saying? When the oxygen masks come down – fix yours before helping others.



Time management tips that work. Try these 16 tips to get your time management under control once and for all - become more organised and have more time for what you really want in life.So – there you have it – 16 tips that should help you refocus parts of your life and hopefully see ways that you can get a little more time starting from now.

Good luck, and, as always please let me know how it goes in the comments below – I love hearing what you think!

And, if you are keen to get even more time tips – then why not check out this post all about ways to save an hour every day – what would you do with that hour if you had it?…

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