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The value of an easy to use system

However much I love to live in an organised home (for so many reasons!) I am only human, and I tend to run a mile if anything takes too much time or effort on my part to do (see my “Why organised people are lazy” post from a while ago) – however good it looks!

I think in this respect, most people would tend to agree, and as such I wanted to look at how valuable easy to use systems are around your home.

The value of an easy to use system - why it works so well when things work more easily!

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If it’s hard to use, you just won’t use it

Fact is, if something is too hard to do, procrastination sets in and it simply doesn’t get done.

This is why some people (most people) have piles of certain items around their homes. They have a system in place for that item that isn’t easy to use, so they stop using it entirely.

Maybe your filing is piling up – have you got a usable filing cabinet, or is it full to the brim so it’s difficult to file any more in it? Same with your clothes if your wardrobe is full to bursting. Or what about that project you wanted to get done this year but there’s something tucked away in the loft that you need to complete it and that’s just too much hassle?

Sound familiar?

We all have those areas that are sticking points, and once identified and dealt with it can literally transform how you feel about part of your home.

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Make it easier than it currently is

Easy to use systems are very quiet in homes – that is to say, if it works, you barely notice it – because you don’t see the piles mounting or people getting frustrated.

The trick here is to make everything as easy as possible to use in your home so that the whole place works like clockwork.

In order to do this – any time that you set up a system in your home to get more organised, the most important thing to check before doing anything is whether you are going to make it easier for yourself to use it than how it currently works.

If the answer is YES, then great, but if it’s NO, then leave well alone.

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Why systems should be as easy to use as possible - makes life so much easier as a result!

I hope this helps next time you tackle a new organising project in your home – it’s a great way to work out what the priority is as well – find the piles and you’ll find where you need to get started!

What’s hard to use in your own home at the moment? Can you see things building up as a result? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below.

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