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If you’re struggling to find the motivation to start your Spring Cleaning this year – then this is the post for you!

Health benefits of cleaning


Last week I was sent a great infographic (courtesy of that shows you just how many health benefits you can get from cleaning the house, which I wanted to share with you so you can read it too.

It shows that when you clean, you’re not just getting the house sorted – your body will thank you as well! – I love a win-win!

So, without further ado – let’s get to the info, and afterwards I want to take you through a few extra ways to make burning calories with cleaning even more fun….


Spring Cleaning infographic


Did anything on this infographic surprise you?

I actually forget all the health benefits of Spring cleaning that are possible: –

  • Burns calories
  • Tones muscles
  • Adds steps to your daily count

As I’m someone who is trying each day to reach the 10,000 steps that’s recommended – this is all the added motivation I need! (and it beats walking around the house in circles each night to get there… – no, really – I do that sometimes!)



If you’re still struggling and want to find the fun in cleaning as well as the health benefits – then why not try these 3 ways to make it a little more interesting – I always do at least one of the 3 when I set about cleaning the house and they really do make a difference.



Far and away the most motivating of this list for me is to listen to some really fun music while getting things sorted.

I’m not talking about calm and relaxing music, rather the type that gets you feeling energetic and even singing out loud a little (go on, no-ones listening!).

Get it playing loud, and you’ll find yourself moving around the house with much more vigour, and you’ll be done in no time…



If you struggle to get reading into your life (very few people now have time to sit and just read….), then audio books may be the best thing you could do for yourself to tackle 2 things in one go.

Not only do you get the jobs done, but you are entertained while doing it.

If you have a list of books you are dying to get round to, then why not start incorporating an audiobook** or two a week when you are doing chores – and you’ll get through them once and for all!

(I love listening to Podcasts as well, as there are some amazing ones out there with lots of great inspiration and ideas in them – just do a search on iTunes to find something that suits your passions…)

TIP – you can also listen to audiobooks** and podcasts while driving – or walking / running – a great way to get even more listening into your day without really trying… (You can get a free 30 day trial of Audible from Amazon by CLICKING HERE** if you want to try it out for yourself).



It can be lonely doing chores by yourself – and while some people thrive on just getting into their own groove with things (me included most of the time), others can find this really demotivation.

So – why not tackle the bigger Spring Cleaning tasks with the rest of the household?

Give everyone jobs to do (age appropriate for the kids of course), and set a timer so you can all race round to see who can get their jobs done first. Once you’re done you could all then go out as a family and have some quality time – you deserve it!


If you need more motivation when cleaning or spring cleaning your home, then you may want to look at the various health benefits you can get as well - along with a few extra motivational tips at the end - hope you enjoy!

So – if you can get your body a little more summer-ready while spring cleaning, and do things that help you stay motivated – are you in?


I’d love to know what you think of these health benefits of Spring Cleaning, so please leave a comment below – and if you’d like some extra help with any cleaning chores you are doing, why not take a look at this post all about how you can save time while doing it as well – something that could be very useful!

** This post may contain affiliate links - to find out more please see my disclosure policy


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