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“The Book With No Pictures” – Make reading a fun part of the day

When you think about childrens bedtime routines, you tend to think about reading a book with them – it’s one of the best ways to spend some quality time together, it relaxes them for sleeping, and is a really lovely way to end the day.

In fact, reading can be a great thing to do at any time of the day, but what happens when children don’t see the fun in books any more? What can you do? I think one book may be able to help get their interest back, and that’s why I wanted to write a quick post for you today about it…

The book with no pictures

Myself and my hubby have both been passionate about reading to our daughter every day, and have done just that since the day she came home from the hospital (it’s never too early!).

It has always been the last we do before bed and is therefore the last part of her bedtime routine – and something she has always looked forward to

TIP – It’s a great way to get children to get through the brushing teeth, toilet etc… parts of their evening routine a little quicker if they have something to look forward to at the end!

At the age of 6 shes absolutely adores books and always has her head in a book, and we want it to stay like this. After all, books are a joy and can give you so much pleasure throughout life.


Making the transition from books with pictures to without…

The issue can be when books lose their excitement, and that’s often when pictures are no longer in them. There’s nothing to focus on apart from the words, and their enjoyment of books could easily go downhill unless their attention is grabbed.

I recently saw a clip of an author (B.J. Novak) reading his book “The Book With No Pictures” to a group of children with amazing results, and was lucky enough to be approached to take a look at a copy of the same book on this site. It is a book that has really caught my imagination and got me very excited to share it with my daughter – as it thinks about books without pictures in a new, original and interesting way – so of course I said yes!

It truly is an amazing book – not for what it says necessarily, but for what it does for children.

It makes children think differently about “boring” books, and this is the key to being a reader for life and keeping their interest high.

It’s definitely easier to show you, so why not watch the same video I watched a while back and see what you think:-



Such a simple idea – but so effective!

I read this with my daughter this morning and her reaction was immense. Throughout she was transfixed and laughing, and afterwards she wanted to create a book of her own that had funny words and no pictures – she was even chattering about it all the way to school!

Books are amazing in how they can fully immerse you in a different world, and it’s wonderful to be able to share this with my daughter, and hopefully her evening routine will include reading for years to come….


Do you read to your children as part of their bedtime routine? What do you think of the idea behind this book? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below – thanks in advance!


Please note – I was sent a copy of this book for this post, but all thoughts and opinions are my own, as always! The book will be available to purchase in shops from December 4th and you can PREORDER IT HERE from Amazon



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