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Tips for moving house. Moving tips. Stressbusting tips for moving day -everything you need to know


Moving house can be a really stressful time, and no other day requires as much organising as moving day itself. This post gives you 25 fantastic tips for moving that, if you use them all, will make your moving day so much easier…

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13 things NOT to do when selling your home. Staging tips

13 things to NOT do when selling your home

We are currently in one of the key times in the calendar for selling homes – and if you are ready to move house this Autumn and wanting to do as much as you can to help get your home sold asap, then I have put together a few key tips on what NOT to […]

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get organised to move house

Getting Organised to Move House

So, your house has sold, the date is set and you are ready to move house – or are you?! Look around your home and you will see exactly how much STUFF you have to pack and move. This is enough to daunt even the most cheery of us! Moving house is the only time […]

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moving house tips countdown checklist

Moving House Tips – Countdown Checklist

Spring is one of the favourite times for people to move house. Its when things seem brighter, the winter and Christmas is over (typically when people simply nest!) and people are now ready for making changes. It also works well in that you can often be moved and in your new home by the summer […]

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