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30 day clutter blitz - declutter challenge to help you take back control of your home.


A brand new month long challenge that I’ve created to help you to get the motivation and momentum you need to declutter your home, a little at a time. It’s designed to help make your decluttering fun and achievable, so that you can see the benefits as quickly as possible – so if you’re ready […]

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How to stop clutter returning for good

How to stop clutter returning – for good!

So, you’ve decluttered your entire home and are now ready to live a more simple life with not a care in the world – sound right? I’m afraid that although you’ve done an amazing job to get this far, the hard work isn’t over just yet. Now it’s time to turn you attention to maintaining […]

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8 ways to calm clutter this christmas

8 ways to calm the clutter this Christmas

Christmas is one of those times in the year when even the calmest and minimalist of homes can get out of control very easily if you’re not careful. There are so many ways that your home can get filled up with Christmas clutter that it’s almost impossible to prevent – I say almost because I […]

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