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14 home styling tips to make your rooms look bigger


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I love to find helpful information and articles around the web for you, and will be sharing more over the coming months so that you can find all the best stuff right here in one place (saving time!).

So, when I was sent this home styling infographic I was really excited as it is a great fit for this site, and will hopefully give you loads of great tips and advice for your home.

14 Home Styling Tips To Make Your Home Look Bigger

The following is all about how to make the rooms in your home look bigger, and this is something that I think (especially if you live in the UK) most people would like to know more about!

A large percentage of us live in homes that are smaller than we would like, with not much storage and everything crammed in – and this is why decluttering and organising can help so much.

But what if you have decluttered as much as you want to, and organised everything that’s left? What if you are still struggling for space?

Here are a few ideas that I think may give you some inspiration…

14 Furniture Arranging Tricks that will Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Such helpful advice!

And as an added extra, here are my top tips for each of these tricks that should help even further:-

Trick #1 – Consider function

  • Don’t have more seats in a living room than you need to – have enough for a seat per person in your house
  • Ensure furniture is large enough for storage and function, but not too large so that it takes up valuable floor space
  • Consider using storage in furniture so that everything works twice as hard for its place in your home.
  • Don’t overcrowd each room – have one main function per space and have furniture that works for that function.

Trick #2 – Focus your room

  • Make sure that the focal point in your room is clear, whether that be the bed in a bedroom, the TV in a lounge, or the dining table in the dining room. Work everything else around the focal point, and make sure its the first thing you see when you walk into the room as it will make everything else feel less cluttered if your eyes can immediately fall on something important.

Trick #3 – Prioritise large pieces

  • I like to use less furniture in rooms so that they feel less cluttered. A great example of this is in a master bedroom, where I always use chests of drawers either side of the bed rather than small bedside tables and then a chest somewhere else in the room. The chest of drawers are more in proportion to the larger bed, and the overall look is much calmer and feels more spacious.

Trick #4 – Think about layout

  • Is your furniture blocking windows or doors? Can you see all the features of your room? If you are hiding things then it automatically creates the thought that your room isn’t large enough because you are having to hide things away. Try and ensure that your layout makes the most of your room as much as possible.
  • Don’t have lots of things hidden behind the doors, as you want to be able to open them fully. As soon as you start to make things more difficult you are giving people the sense that your space is smaller than it actually is.

Trick #5 – Keep traffic moving

  • Where are the doorways in your rooms? Where do you ideally have to walk to get through the room? If you can ensure that the layout of the room is done so that walking around the space is easy then it will automatically feel less cluttered and more spacious.

Trick #6 – Maintain comfort

  • Make the room work well for the functions that you want to do in it. As soon as things become difficult, then the room feels wrong. As the infographic says for it’s example, a table to put your coffee mug down in the living room is sensible. Or what about having a shelf or table for the side of a guest bed so that people staying can have a lamp and a place to put a glass of water/book etc… Sometimes adding in items can make a space look larger as it shows that the room is large enough to function beautifully.
Living room - black and white decor

Trick #7 – Float furniture

  • Rooms feel bigger when things don’t feel cramped, and adding some breathing space between the walls and the furniture is a great way to achieve this.
  • Another idea is to have furniture that is raised on legs slightly. If you can see more of the floor then your eye tells you that the room is larger.

Trick #8 – Add stripes

  • Adding vertical stripes to a room with low ceilings can immediately make them feel higher than they are. Play with patterns to create extra space!

Trick #9 – Reflect the room

  • A firm favourite trick of mine is to use mirrors to give a sense of more space, and to bounce light around the room. There is a warning here though – make sure you are reflecting something you want to see more of, and not a view of clutter!
  • Mirrored furniture can also work really well!

Trick #10 – Go see-through

  • If you have darker rooms or a room where you have double doors separating them, why not consider glass panelled doors as these will let you see through to the rooms beyond, and give each space more light – both of which will make the space feel larger.

Trick #11 – Hang low

  • A lot of people hang artwork and mirrors far too high on a wall. The trick is to make whatever you are hanging feel more a part of the furniture below. Hang it so that it’s around eye level or a bit lower, and the walls will feel less cluttered. More space above the artwork will elongate the height of the walls also.

Trick #12 – Experiment with angles

  • I always suggest having a move around of your usual layout in a room. Sometimes we get so used to the layout we have, we don’t realise that there may be a far superior layout that will enhance the room and make it feel more spacious just by changing things a little.

Trick #13 – Split lighting

  • Have a variety of lighting in each room if possible, at different levels. For example – in a living room have a table lamp, a ceiling pendant and a floor lamp. When each of these turns on it will highlight different parts/corners of the room, and that will in turn make it feel much larger.

Trick #14 – Open the room

  • If you have a nice view, then there is nothing better than making a window feel like a piece of artwork. Frame the view by making it a feature of the room and not hiding it with heavy curtains/blinds or furniture. If you can see beyond the room then it will make the room feel larger and more open.
14 Home Styling Tips To Make Your Home Look Bigger

Did you get inspired?

Of course, the best place to start when making a room feel more spacious is to declutter what isn’t needed, and make sure whats left is neat and tidy – but if that has all been done, the next best thing is to look at layout and decor.

I love to play around with the rooms in my house, and as they say “a change is as good as a rest”.

The best way to start creating more space in any space is to move things around and see what happens! Try different layouts, use different patterns and colours in the room, and you may just be surprised at the results.

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