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Have you ever redecorated a room, only to find that it still doesn’t feel that great? There’s something missing, and you still don’t feel that it works – but don’t know why…?

Why function is just as important as style when it comes to redecorating any room in your home - don't make mistakes

All that time, effort and energy – not to mention money – and for what?

Why would you feel this way, and what can be done about it so that it never happens again?

The answer?

You have been so focused on the look of the room that you’ve missed the other crucial thing to think about…

In order to feel truly at home and comfortable in the space you need to look at the style AND function of that space.

Simple really!

Let’s stop for a minute and think about your clothes (bear with me – this is an example that may help you put things in context).

Chances are that you don’t tend to always dress in your favourite colour, you also look at what colours work best for you, and what comfort you need in what you are doing that day as well.

It’s no good turning up to help at school in a ball dress for example (however gorgeous it is!).

You feel better and more at ease when your clothes suit you both in terms of their look and feel, and what you will be doing in them.

It’s exactly the same with your home.

What may look great may not actually work for you as a space – and that therefore makes the style irrelevant to some extent.

They have to work together.


Function should always come first when redecorating a space

A home can look stylish and beautiful, but if it doesn’t work for the day to day lives of those living in it, it’s not going to feel like a success for long.

Asking yourself some of the following questions as a first step of redesigning your space will more likely help ensure that you end up with a home that has space for everyone, and everything that happens within it can be done easily.

  • What needs to happen in the room (whether its one or several things)?
  • Is this the right space for what you do in the room?
  • Does the room need to do something new (office/bedroom)?
  • Is the layout right?
  • Is there enough space for storage?
  • Is there enough light?
  • Are there enough seats?
  • Does everything that is in the room make sense being there?

It is simply a case of making sure the room works for what you are doing in it – or what you plan to do in it.

Ensuring the function is there first means that the style and decor are much more likely to succeed when you add them into the equation as well. You will feel happier in the space because not only will it look great, but it will work well for you as well.

Only after looking at the function of the room should you then add your personality and style to the space as well (back to the clothes analogy – you may turn up to help at school with jeans and a jumper on, but you can add your personality using jewellery, shoes etc…. so it’s still your style – just a functional outfit as well).

Quote - Have nothing in your home that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful


You will of course naturally want the space to reflect your style as well, so once the function of the room is all sorted (you have the right layout, sockets, lighting etc….), then you can ask yourself questions about the style –

  • What colours do you love?
  • What type of furniture do you love? (wood, metal, glass, plastic)
  • Types of styles and genres you like (vintage, modern, shabby chic etc…)
  • What is the general feeling you want to get when you walk into your home (calm, energising etc…)
  • What art makes you happy?
  • What makes you smile?

Thinking carefully about all these style choices means that over time your home will become something that reflects those who live there (everyone in the house should have some of their style reflected somewhere, otherwise you are just creating a home that works for you alone!), and one that works for everyone’s needs.

Why function is just as important as style when it comes to redecorating any room in your home - don't make mistakes

So, next time you redecorate, stop and think first whether the room functions correctly for everything that needs to happen in it first.

If not, correct this and then start on adding your style and personality – you will no doubt feel happier and more comfortable in the space as a result.

Happy decorating!

P.S. – want to work out what’s right for your home? CLICK HERE to be taken to a post where I talk about how to use all the space in your home effectively…

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