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Todays post is about one of the most important rooms in your home to get right – the bedroom.

It’s a place to sleep, unwind relax as much as you possibly can. It’s where we rejuvenate after the stresses of the day, and therefore it’s really important to get the decor and everything in the room just right.

Everything you need for a stress free bedroom. How to create a relaxing bedroom - interior design tips for the bedroom

If you do, you can create a perfect retreat for a more stress free life – and everyone would like that!

This infographic has some fantastic tips to do just that, and I hope you enjoy…

Infographic with lots of tips and tricks to get your bedroom decor and items right. Relax in your bedroom with these interior design tips


Pretty simple to make a stress free bedroom, isn’t it!

I wanted to add to just a couple of these tips – to enhance them even more, and to help you make your bedroom even more lovely to be in – hope they help: –


I couldn’t agree more – in fact, every main light in my entire house is on a dimmer switch (and some lamps too!)

The reason I love dimmer switches so much is that you can change the feel of a room really easily. Dim a lot and it feels cosy and relaxed, and don’t dim for a brighter light when you need to work.

In a bedroom there is nothing worse than going to sleep with a bright light, or waking in the middle of the night and having to switch a bright light on. You want some calmness in your lighting!

As such, I would always also recommend touch lamps as your bedside lights. I have them in my master bedroom** and my daughters room** and they work brilliantly.


Especially important in a master bedroom, where the bed is usually the focal point of the room.

A fantastic tip I have used again and again is to have chests of drawers instead of bedside tables either side of the bed.

This does a few things: –

  • Chests of drawers are larger and therefore look more in ratio with the bed. A lot of bedside tables are so small they get lost.
  • Bedside tables don’t store much and so can tend to just collect bits and bobs rather than be useful storage.
  • It takes away the need for extra furniture in the room. Usually you can use the top drawer for bedside items, and the other drawers for clothes etc…

Bedroom interior design tips to create a restful and relaxing bedroom. Bedroom tips to make it calm and peaceful.

I hope these tips help you to create a stress free bedroom. Do you have any more tips to share as I’d love to hear them so please leave a comment below….

(Thanks in advance!)

….. and if you want to learn more about creating an organised bedroom, why not check out THIS POST – enjoy!

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