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Storing Spices – Before and After

One of the projects I set myself over the summer was to work out a better way to store and access the spices in my cupboard.

Seems like a nice to have rather than an essential, but for me its a massive time sapper – as we use spices and herbs at least once every day for cooking, and the time it takes to go through the cupboard adds up.

Remember, with organising its not necessarily the big things in your life that will make the biggest difference, sorting the little things soon adds up as well!

So – I set about working out the best way to get at everything quickly and easily.

Heres what the cupboard looked like before:-

Herb and Spice Cupboard before organising - from Organise My House

Messy! So I set about organising using my ADORE method to fix things – this is how I got on – I hope some of the ideas help you!

A = Assess

What works?

The herbs and spices are all in one cupboard – so I know that I will find what I need eventually

The cupboard is in the right place in the kitchen – right next to the hob, so everythings easy to grab when I am cooking.

I do have a few glass jars that I have labelled and I put more often used spices in there to save space.

What doesn’t work?

Difficult to get something out without everything else falling out on top of me as well, which really isn’t ideal!

The glass jars I picked were an odd size so they left a lot of wasted space in the cupboard.

You can’t see whats at the back of the cupboard as a lot of the spices are in the same sized jars.

D = Declutter and Clean

I always say to take everything out of the cupboard you are organising, so you know whats what, and can see the space with fresh eyes (otherwise you end up keeping some of the same problems as you had before). SO – I took everything out of the cupboard and set about decluttering.

I got rid of anything that was out of date, and anything that we really don’t use at all (there are always some very obscure spices in people collections – why is that!?)

I then cleaned the cupboard out, and checked that all the jars were OK – if broken then I found a new jar or container for them.

O = Organise

Now came the fun part – putting it back so I could see everything and grab what I needed quickly and easily.

I did some research online and found a fantastic double layered spice rack that specifically fits herb jars (from the most common brand) and works like the lazy susan from my baking cupboard – and it fit neatly into the narrow cupboard I had.I chose this one over other similar ones because it came with herbs and spices as well, so was a really good deal, but you can find other really nice ones that come with the containers that you simply fill with your spices.

This worked really well as it maximised the height of the cupboard, and gave me access to everything really well – as I planned to put this in the top part of the cupboard this was extra easy as there was no need to use a stool to see at the back any longer.

So that dealt with the main spices and herb bottles – what about all the miscellaneous packets and jars etc..?

I wanted to find something that would make the most of the depth of the space without losing things at the back, and also use some of the height as well. A stepped organiser was the perfect way to do this – and again I looked around to find a narrow version I could use in the cupboard.

Adding this in then meant I could arrange the rest of the herbs and spices in the cupboard so that all were visible and all could be grabbed without knocking everything else over.

R and E = Real Life and Evaluate

So – heres the new and improved cupboard now:-

Herb and Spice Cupboard after organising - from Organise My House

SOOO much better!

All I have to do now is live with it for a while and see whether it works as well as I think it will, and then make any changes I need to after that.

Do you think this works better? I’d love to know – please leave a comment below – thanks!


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