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The best storage idea for crafts / stationary / art supplies & more!

I love finding storage solutions that genuinely work – and this set of drawers is no exception! For me it is the best storage idea for crafts, stationary, art supplies and much more – and I wanted to chat with you about it today as I am sure it can help you too!

Storage for craft art and supplies

Using for childrens crafts

One of the major issues I had with storage is storing all the craft supplies my daughter has.

It started with her colouring books – piled high in a basket so that when she wanted to use one they were all over the place in seconds, and virtually impossible for her to put back neatly.

They were heavy too!

Not only that, but all her crayons and craft bits that she loves to use were also all over the place and she struggled to find things when she wanted to do something.

On a trip to IKEA I found the ALEX drawer unit on castors – which solved all my problems immediately!

You see, having looked at several chests of drawers the issue was still going to be that the drawers were far too deep to be useful for little hands wanting what was at the bottom (as is always the case!), so shallow drawers were the way to go.

I used the bottom drawers for her colouring books, and the top drawer for her most used craft and art supplies (in separate sections as I bought a cutlery drawer that worked well to add compartments to the drawer) – and it really was that easy!

It’s easy to keep tidy, things are hidden from view when not being used, and another benefit is that she now uses more of her things because she can see what she has more easily.

ikea drawer storage for kidsIKEA ALEX drawers to store childrens artwork and craftsIKEA ALEX drawer - storage for art and childrens crafts

I also added useful hooks ** to each side of the drawers so that she could hang various charts and bags that were otherwise left on the floor – a simple bit of extra storage!

447. ikea drawers with hook on side

One thing I didn’t really think of as a major benefit when we got the drawers was that they come on castors. This means that the drawers can move around, which has 2 main benefits for us.

Firstly it means that as they are kept in the kitchen on a tiled floor, they can easily be moved around to where my daughter needs access to them – either by her craft table or elsewhere in the kitchen. They also therefore can extend the table top as she uses the top of the drawers as a desk as well

Secondly they can be moved out of the alcove so that my daughter can use the alcove area for playing shop (we have just painted the inside of the alcove area with chalkboard paint so she can create a shop sign / restaurant menu / pretty picture etc…. as she sees fit (she has just finished playing shop here hence why the till is out and the drawers are in the position where she felt the shopkeeper would stand!).

447. ikea drawers on wheels

Other ideas for use

I also think that these are a good buy because they can change use dependent on our changing needs.

My daughter can use them to store homework and books etc…  as she gets older – and as her bedroom furniture is white she may well use them in her room as a bedside table at some point!

I would be happy to use them as part of my kitchen command centre to store paperwork and supplies that I need regularly, and my last idea is for storing my own craft supplies in my office…

Using in an office

Both blogging and Interior Design use a lot of craft and art supplies that need storing in some way, and I actually bought two sets of drawers that day because I could see that they would be perfect for my own office as well.

447. office using ikea drawers

I already had a simple white desk (from IKEA again!) and had sometimes struggled for space to work when doing a mood board for a client – so having a set of drawers that I could push into place as extra work top space was perfect.

It also keeps my supplies very easy to find and store – again its the shallow drawers that really make this work so well – you can never really lose anything in them and everything is much more to hand when you want it – and who could ask for more really!

447. drawers ikea

Are you tempted?! – What would you use them for? I am genuinely a little bit in love with these drawers as I can see so many uses for them in the house, so I hope these ideas have inspired you!


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2 Responses to The best storage idea for crafts / stationary / art supplies & more!

  1. Jeri Staley-Earnst Feb 11, 2015 at 7:41 pm #

    I would like to use these in my art studio. I would connect about 4 of them together (at the back) and place a cushion on top to put under the window. I’m also quite tall so I could probably put 3 on top of one another to use as a command tower. Such a great post – Mahalo!

    • Chrissy Halton Feb 12, 2015 at 12:22 am #

      Great ideas Jeri! – just make sure that they are secured well if you stack them as I would hate for an accident to happen…

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