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I write a lot of posts about how to get more organised, how to simplify life, and how to generally make things easier at home – that’s the theme of this blog after all! – but I wanted to take a little time out today to talk about something that crops up quite a lot, which is being hard on yourself…

Stop The Negativity - You're Doing Your Best Right Now

I get a lot of emails from readers (thank you if you have sent me one, I read every single one and try and answer as many as possible although as this blog grows I am finding it hard to keep up, but I’m trying!) and I am finding that a large proportion of these have a negative tone to them.

This really is quite expected, because let’s face it – when your home is cluttered and/or disorganised, it’s easy to feel very low and negative about things.

Being worried, stressed, negative all don't help get you where you want to go - have perspective and se how far you have already got

The job at hand can feel overwhelming to say the least, and sometimes all we want to do is go away and hide and forget about it for a while – even though we know it will still be there when we come out.

But I wanted to ask you today to see things from another perspective – one of positivity and anticipation.

Just the fact that you are sitting and reading this post means you are doing something very positive about making progress with where you want your home to be. You may not be happy with how your home is at the moment, but you are already making steps towards creating the home that you would like, one that works for you and your family, and you should feel really proud of that.

Never forget that to get anything done you have to get started – and however overwhelmed or unmotivated you may feel at times, you are doing your best at that given time with the time and energy you have.


All too often we start to compare ourselves to others – usually resulting in us coming off worse – but I heard a great saying the other day that really resonated with me, and I hope it does for you:-

Stop comparing your starting point to other peoples finishing point

No saying could be more true when it comes to getting your home and life the way you want it.

In the days we live in, where social media and the internet are mainstays of most peoples days, it is all too easy to be drawn into other peoples perfect looking lives and homes.

Everyone else seems to be able to have it all and manage it without breaking into a sweat don’t they?!

It’s enough to make anyone compare their homes and lives in a negative way – and that’s no good for anyone.

There is, of course, a place for social media. It’s a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, and can be a massive source of inspiration (hopefully this blog falls into the inspiration category rather than the overwhelm for you – I do get the irony here…!) – however – it’s worth taking a step back occasionally and getting perspective again.

What you always need to remember is that people only post the highlights of their lives on social media. No-one (or very few!) post about their bad day, their arguments, their down times etc… – so the only life you truly see up close and in reality is your own.

You are bound to come off worse if you lose that perspective.

You are unique, and the life you want will be totally unique to you – as will the way you organise your life and your home to support the way you want to live.

It’s exciting to see how making changes in your home can make such positive changes to how you feel – and I love getting emails as well from those of you who have started to see fantastic changes already.

So, no matter where you are on your organising journey, you deserve a massive pat on the back right now.

Take a little time out today and think about what you have been able to do up til now.

Yes, your home may not be where you want it – but to be honest, I don’t know anyone who can hand on heart say their home is perfect – there is no “perfect” – but you are creating the home you want and making progress a little at a time – small steps really can make massive change.

Stop The Negativity - You're Doing Your Best Right Now

So, next time you’re looking at the web for inspiration, and start to feel overwhelmed or get that negativity creeping in, never forget that every single one of us are on our own path, some may look further ahead than others, but we are all doing the best we can.

Take heart, and you will get there – wherever “there” is to you.

I love being able to go on this journey with you, finding ways that can hopefully help, a little at a time. The aim of this blog is, and always has been, to help give you tips and tricks that may just help whichever part of life you are tackling at that moment, and I truly hope it does…

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