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Hi, and a massive welcome to Organise My House - thanks so much for stopping by! I'm so pleased that you've found this site and would love it if you stayed a while...

OMH is a place I've created to help make your home & life as simple as possible. My goal is to help you gain more time, more joy, and less stress in your day to day life - & create a home that you truly love each and every time you walk through the door.

You'll find a huge amount of help here, all laid out in a non overwhelming way so you can tackle whatever you want, step by step.

Sound good? Let's get started then, shall we...

Chrissy at Organise My House


By the way, my name is Chrissy and I write this blog - to find out more about me - CLICK HERE



There is a LOT to look at on this site, so to help you find what you need (and discover everything that's available!) - I'll take you through the options that the menu at the top of the page offers: -


  • HOME - This is where you can find all the latest articles
  • SHOP - Lots of planners, printables and eBooks that I've created and written to help you get organised with ease
  • RESOURCES - You can find challenges to take part in, free printables to download, my favourite products that I use and love, and even a section on how to start your own blog (something I get asked about a lot!) 
  • CATEGORIES - To make it dead easy to find the articles I've written on any specific subject, just go here and click on the category you want. 


There's also a search bar in the sidebar if you want to search on a specific word or topic - hopefully I will have already written the article to help!


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Without a doubt - the first thing I would suggest you do is to ensure you don't miss anything from me at OMH. You can do this by simply signing up to the OMH newsletter. I would be so pleased to welcome you to it.

I use this to help me share all the latest articles, news, special offers and extra help with you. As a subscriber you really do get to know what's going on.

I'll introduce you to all the best bits on the site as well so you don't have to go searching! It's the best way to get to know everything and you'll have me with you every step of the way for encouragement and advice.


Free eBook - 101 organising tips

As an extra bonus, when you sign up, you get a totally FREE eBook to get your organising started. In it are 101 organising tips in lots of different categories, and I go through my exact method that I use to organise anything in my own home/life.

It's a great place to start - and I hope you'll love it!

So, if you'd like to join me (and over 14,000 others!) and grab your eBook, then please just click the button below: -

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Thanks again for visiting this site,  and just remember – it's the getting started that’s the most difficult – by reading this site it means you’re one step closer already!

I look forward to hearing all about how you have changed your home/life to be the way you want it to be - and I hope I can help just a little....



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