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I love using multi functional furniture in a home, as it not only saves space but also makes the furniture work hard for the room it takes up. A sofa bed is the perfect blend of two of the biggest items of furniture you have in your home, so today I wanted to give you some tips that will help you if you are thinking of getting one for your own home.

4 great uses for a sofa bed. How to use them, what to look for, and where to buy

Let’s get going, shall we!

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Where should you use a sofa bed?

Sofas take up a lot of room in a home – and when space is tight, or when you need a room to have several uses, it makes sense to use your sofa to do more than just sit on! Adding in a bed to the mix makes it really useful and practical, and very hard working! – but where should you have one?

Being an organised kind of girl, it always makes sense to me to make every room in your home function at it’s best for you and your family and how you live, and with that in mind here are my top 4 ways to use a sofa bed in your own home – see which one works best for you…

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Use #1 – Make a guest bedroom / Home office from one space

Not many of use have the luxury of having both a dedicated room for a guest bedroom and one for a study/home office.

As such it makes total sense to blend the two – making each work well when being used for that function.

When the room is used as a home office, it’s not ideal to have a full sized bed in a working space, and it takes up a lot of room – so a sofa bed would be perfect.

When guests stay over, the sofa bed can be pulled out, and the desk can be utilised as a dressing table.

The perfect match!

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Use #2 – Make a living room an occasional guest bedroom

In smaller homes, or homes that get a LOT of guests, it makes sense to double up a living room as an occasional guest bedroom by the addition of a sofa bed.

It can also be used when the kids have sleepovers, or by everyone for a film night!

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Use #3 – Adding an extra bed into childrens rooms for sleepovers

Kids have friends over to stay a lot, and having an easy to pull out spare bed in their room makes perfect sense if you have the room.

Using a small sized sofa bed (armchair size works best) means that the bed can be ready and waiting when needed, but also be used as a useful place to sit and read etc… by your child on a day to day basis.

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Use #4 – Creating more floor space in a smaller bedroom

This is where I use a sofa bed in my own home. In the smallest bedroom there is enough floor space for a double bed, but pretty much that’s all that would fit in the room.

As this is a guest bedroom, having a double bed in it at all times would basically mean that it could only be used for sleeping, and by guests. This means that for the majority of the time that room is useless for us who live in the house.

Ideally we could use that room (when no guests are staying) for extra living space. As such, it makes perfect sense to have a sofa bed there so that we can pull it out for guests but have more available floorspace the rest of the time (and a nice place to sit!).

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Tips on what to look for in a sofa bed: –

So, you now know of a room in your home that would work well with a sofa bed in it, and are tempted to go and get one. First though I’d like to go through a few top tips on what to look for (remember, I always suggest writing a list of what you want before you go out and buy, so it makes decisions so much easier).

  • Ensure that you know the dimensions of the space you are looking for the sofa bed to fit (they always look smaller in large showrooms).
  • Ensure you know the size of your doors so that you don’t have any issues getting the sofa bed into your home.
  • Do you want to use it more as a bed or more as a sofa? Make sure it is comfy for both – try it out if you can. If you do have to compromise on comfort in one of the two then ensure that it’s the lesser used function.
  • Who will be using it the most? Childrens needs are very different from older peoples, and you will want to think about things like height and comfort for who is using it.
  • Can it be taken from a sofa to a bed, and back again, easily? If you can’t use it quickly then you may not bother after a while.
  • Do you need storage in the sofa bed as well? Some offer options under the bed and/or in the arms.
  • Sofa beds have to work hard – so ensure you get the best quality you can afford so that you have comfort and it lasts.

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Places to go to find a great bed

There are lots of great furniture shops out there that sell sofa beds, all offering different choices, and for every budget, so I wanted to highlight a few here – hopefully this will help you in your selection.

  • FURL – This is the company that I bought my amazing storage bed from, so I can vouch for the quality of their furniture. It also makes other furniture, including a massive range of sofa beds, so I was really happy that they got in touch with me to collaborate on this post. You can pick from lots of sizes, styles, fabrics etc.. and completely tailor a sofa bed to your requirements. You can even chose to have storage in the arms which is a great feature – perfect for spare bedding or anything else you need to have in that space. One thing I particularly like about this brand is that the beds are designed for everyday use, whereas a lot of brands design for “every so often” use instead.

Duette sofa bed from furl

  • IKEA  – IKEA have a large range of sofa beds in many different styles. I actually have their HEMNES day bed (which pulls out to a king size bed and has storage drawers underneath) in my spare bedroom, and it works really well as a day bed when not in use by guests.


  • Made.com – There is a wide variety of styles to choose from, and this company is one that I have bought a lot of furniture from over the years.
  • Next – Once again, a shop where you can pick from a wide variety of fabrics, styles and options.
  • Sofa Workshop – Another great selection to pick from.

azure sofa bed

– – – – – – – – – – –

4 great uses for a sofa bed. How to use them, what to look for, and where to buy

If you’re struggling with space in your home, need an extra occasional bed tucked away, or simply want to maximise your furniture as much as possible, then why not look at a sofa bed?.

Do you like the idea of a sofa bed? Do you already own one? I’d love to know what you think of this item of furniture, so please leave a comment below.



I would like to thank Furl for the collaboration with me on this post. To find out more about their range of Sofa Beds please click HERE. They design sofa beds that don’t look like sofa beds! – with the benefit of being able to use the bed everyday as your main bed. There is even storage in the arms for bedding! As always, all thoughts, opinions and ideas are my own and are in no way altered by this collaboration. To find out more please see my disclosure policy.
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