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What do you do when the paperwork in your home is piling up, you are getting through it all but now have loads of papers to throw away, and lots of them have personal and private info on them which you want to shred before recyling? I think I have found an answer!

Shredding made easy at home - service that you can use quickly and easily

Most of us have an avalanche of paperwork coming into our homes each and everyday, whether that be from the post, school, work, receipts, notes etc… – and we have to deal with it all.

But when everything has been dealt with, we end up with piles of rubbish – ready to recycle or shred – depending on what the papers contain.

I have a weekly reminder to shred any papers that need to be shredded (old receipts, anything with my address on, important papers etc…) and I use a little office shredder similar to the one in the picture** below:-


I can’t give you the link to mine as it’s old and not made any longer! – they don’t have to be expensive and do a great job when you have a few things to shred.

So, a weekly shredding session with something like the shredder above would be perfect for most homes – but we don’t always work like that, do we!

– – – – – – – – – – –

Usually the paperwork piles up, and we let the shredding go to such an extent that its a massive job when you do try and get it done.

With my home shredder it doesn’t cope very well with loads of shredding in one go, and stops working so that it doens’t overheat. This means stopping and starting and lots of waiting around.

Imagine the issue if you have just sorted out all your paperwork, or sorted your home office out, or had a declutter of your filing cabinet – so much shredding and only a small machine.

I had this exact problem when I came to do my office makeover earlier this year, and the shredding built up to such an extent that I had a whole bin bag packed to the brim. Much more than my shredder could handle – and it would have taken far too much of my valuable time to sit and work through it all anyway.

I still had to get it sorted though, and so I looked around for a solution – and I’m so pleased I did!

– – – – – – – – – – –

I knew that offices could get their shredding done off site, but wasn’t aware that this service is also available to home owners as well.

There are a variety of places you can go to, so I’ve listed a few for you here:-

I went with HomeShredUK in the end as I liked their site, their pricing was clear, I could choose a small amount of shredding if needed, and it seemed a very simple and straightforward process.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Basically, I went on the site and bought a set of their shredding bags (you can choose how many you need and they give you a rough idea of sizing which is really helpful).

They came in a small package in the post:-

Shredding bags arrived folded up

All I had to do was fill them up to the level they show you on the bag, and seal each bag.

Shredding with the bags

I was actually amazed at how much I fit in each bag, and although I had ordered 5 bags, I only filled 2.

Shredding bags ready for adding paperwork

Bags filled with shredding

I then went back onto the site and paid for the pickup and shredding of those 2 bags.


The good thing about the service is that you can buy your bags and then pay for the pickup and shredding based on how many bags you fill – you only pay for what you need, so I will simply keep hold of the other bags and use them as and when they are needed again.

– – – – – – – – – – –

What I like about this service is that they never open the bags, the bags are also fully shredded and they simply take them away and put the bags as they are into their shredder. You also get sent a certificate of destruction for piece of mind.

I was so happy with the time saved by using this service that I had to share, as I am sure there are loads of papers that you need to shred in your home and you may be putting off doing it as there is so much.

Considering the service, I think that it is reasonably priced, for example, for 2 bags you pay £8.99 and for the collection and shredding service you pay £39.99. This for me was OK as it saved me so much time and effort, and if I had broken my own shredder in the process it would have cost me anyway to replace it.

MONEY SAVING TIP – What I would suggest is that if you can do this with a friend and get enough to fill 5 bags then the cost is £14.99 for the bags and £49.99 for the collection and shredding – totalling around £65 – which you could split to £32.50 and make a saving – gaining half a bag extra shredding as well!

– – – – – – – – – – –

A home service that allows you to do your shredding in bulk. Great way to get lots of shredding done quicklyIf you are going to tackle your paperwork any time soon – I would recommend using a service like this to get everything done in one go. It saves time and energy, and is one job you can delegate easily to someone else (I’m all for that!)

What do you think of this service? Have you heard of it before? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below…

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