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Get September more organised…

September. Kids are back at school, you’re back at work or in your usual routine, summer has finished and autumn is well and truly on it’s way – now is a great time to get back into your routine and get things done!

I think that this time of year has definite parallels with the feel of January in terms of that back to normal day to day life after a more relaxing time – so it’s worth thinking with the same “New Year” mindset that you have then.

September is truly a great time to sort out the house and life in general – putting into place new systems and generally getting more organised.

It also makes sense to get things done now because you have more time in the house with nights getting shorter – and you could have everything organised in plenty of time for the dreaded “C” word – Christmas! (sorry, had to mention it!)

It’s time to pull up your sleeves and get busy!

Here is a roundup of all those things that you could be looking at getting done this month – along with a free printable to help you get everything listed in one place (and ticked off!) – I hope it helps.


Get September Organised - Things to do in September



There’s no point in fighting things this month. You may well be thinking back to the holidays, but they are now gone and its time to get back into the swing of things.

And what better way of doing so than getting a little more organised!

With the children at school, there are plenty of reasons why getting more organised at home would be beneficial:-

  • Everyone knows their schedule
  • Everyone knows their chores and responsibilities
  • Everyone knows where things are around the house
  • Less stress and hassle for you!

It quite simply makes everyones day run more smoothly if your home is organised, and that’s where I propose to start this month.

In the home.

What is not started today is never finished tomorrow - motivational quote





September would be a great time to get some of those TO DO’s off that long list I am sure you have at the moment – and I suggest that this month you tackle one larger TO DO each week of the month – you’ll be really grateful at the end that they have finally been ticked off the list!

Whatever your home needs are, write down one project a week for the next four weeks (use the following list as inspiration), and transform your home.

TIP – Add each task to your diary and give it some time allocation – as its much more likely that you will do it then rather than simply leave it at the top of the TO DO list until you find the time (which never comes!)

And of course, let me know how you go.

Some ideas are as follows:-

  • Create a place in the hallway for all the coats/shoes/school bags – a hook per person and a basket for bits works really well
  • Decorate a room
  • Create a homework area for the kids that’s quiet enough but so that you can keep an eye on them and help them
  • Write a weekly schedule and keep it in a visible place (such as the kitchen) so that everyone can see what’s going on at a glance
  • Create new habits – start by having an evening and morning routine so that things run more smoothly (i.e. getting clothes ready the night before to avoid unnecessary stress in the morning)
  • Make a list of home purchases that need to be made – and start shopping around for the best buys. Things like curtains and furniture can be found at great prices on ebay and similar sites – and you’ll be pleased that you have got what you need all in one go.
  • Create a snack bin of healthy snacks for you and the kids – so you are more likely to munch on good stuff
  • Tackle storage – why not go systematically through your storage cupboards/drawers etc… in your home and check that everything in each one is what should be there – move back to their rightful place if not – and feel a sense of calm!



Get the house checked over ready for winter.

It may seem early but people like plumbers get booked up in the autumn for things like boiler checks etc… so it’s worth staying a little ahead of the game.

Check things like the smoke alarm, CO2 detector, boiler, and the outside stuff like cleaning the drains and guttering ready for the bad weather.

You’ll feel so much happier once you know you are ready for the winter!




  • It’s actually this month that sees the start of the 100 days to Christmas countdown (16th Sept) – a great time to start getting organised – a little a day should really make a difference (and if you are thinking of planning for Christmas now then my Christmas eBook may just help)
  • Make sure schedules aren’t too busy for children – it is easy to try and cram in lots of after school activities and play dates – but sometimes its equally sensible and effective to do nothing. Learning to play by themselves and occupy themselves is a key skill to growing up, as is getting the balance between rest, play and work.
  • Sort out and change your summer wardrobe clothes into your autumn/winter clothes – wash and store away anything that needs to be stored, and also ensure your winter shoes are ready for wearing!
  • Think about getting the garden ready for the winter as well – furniture can be cleaned and put away, lawns treated with lawn care food and one last mow, etc….
  • Create a plan of goals to achieve by the end of the year. 3-4 months (depending on whether you count December as a month that you can get stuff done, or just for Christmas related things) is a good amount of time to really tackle a project – so split it up into smaller chunks and GET THEM IN THE DIARY. You are much more likely to be able to do them that way.
  • Get some dates booked in for the coming months – see friends, family, have a date night, a holiday maybe for October half term, etc…. – have things to look forward to as the nights get darker and colder.



  • Birthstone = Sapphire
  • Zodiac Signs – Virgo August 24th to Sept 23rd – and Libra Sept 24th to Oct 23rd



Printable for getting September more organised - TO D O list for september (incl. goals, notes etc...)


It’s available in the OMH Printables Library – the place where all free printables from the site are kept. Simply enter your email to become a member and get instant access. Hope you enjoy!

Printables Library


Great list of all the things you can do in September to get more organised. TO DO list free printable also available. This is part of a 12 part monthly series of month by month organising tipsAre you ready for September? Are you raring to go, or tired and deflated from the end of the summer?

Getting into a groove of getting things done this month will really help to stay motivated as the nights draw in – and you will be able to get so much done if you pace yourself with a little each day. Think of it as a 30 day challenge!

I really hope you have a great month, and that the printable helps track all those TO DOs…


If you have any tips for this month and would like to share, please leave a comment below – thanks in advance!

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2 Responses to Get September more organised…

  1. Lee G V Sep 30, 2015 at 12:47 pm #

    I enjoyed this post and the suggestions for tackling projects instead of procrastinating. The ‘make new habits’ and ‘let kids have free time’ were my favorite suggestions! It did make me a little sad to see that Christmas can be something dreaded because so much busy-ness and chaos are expected – shouldn’t that be something to look forward to? Especially if everyone is staying on track with goals and to-do lists, we should be able to cherish the holidays!

    • Chrissy @ Organise My House Oct 9, 2015 at 12:57 pm #

      I totally agree with you Lee and I love Christmas and all the lead up – but for so many people it is a time that creates extra stress and difficulty so I never want to assume that everyone feels OK with the build up to the festivities – thanks for your comment !

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