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I am always looking for ways to save money on things around the house, and nothing more so than food. On a previous post I wrote about 30 ways to save money on food which was really popular, and as such some readers have sent in their own tips via the Organise My House Facebook page – so thank you for these!

I always love hearing your tips and tricks, and of the money saving tips for food, my absolute favourite was as follows:-

The Easiest Way to Save Money On Your Food Shop

It came from Anita on Facebook – who let me know about a friend of hers and the simple but brilliant way she saves money, and I wanted to share with you today – Thanks to Anita and her friend for allowing me to use it on the blog.

Elongate the week to save £££’s!

Now, we all know a week is 7 days – and most of us who do a weekly food shop will have the habit of shopping on the same day each week.

This is convenient and will work well for most people, but those who can be a bit more flexible can save big money by doing one simple thing – elongating the week a little.

Let me explain…

Shopping every 7 days means 52 shops a year – at say £150 a week this adds up to £7,800 per year.

Shopping every 8 days means 46 shops a year instead – and at the same cost per shop of £150 this adds up to £6,900 per year.

Making your shopping last that one extra day per week means a saving of around £900.

Not to be sniffed at I’m sure you’ll agree.

This means that there will be a little more money at the end of the year for a bigger Christmas shop, presents or a holiday – without having to budget too much.

I LOVE this idea, and it makes total sense really as long as you can be more flexible with the day you shop. You could shop online and get it delivered to help with this as well.

TIP – if you prefer to use the same shopping day each week, what about missing a week every 8 weeks for a similar saving

But what about eating on that extra day?

One thing you may be wondering though is that it’s all very well saying to eek things out an extra day – but how does this work in practice?

Here are a few ideas for making food last that little bit longer:-

  • Most of our cupboards have enough stock to feed us for a few weeks – so designate one night a week to cupboard items
  • Use leftovers wisely – create a soup from a chicken carcass for example for a tasty, fresh and healthy quick supper
  • Shop the sales – use food that is cheaper when you go shopping and you can easily buy a little more at the same overall price for the weekly shop that will last a little longer

It’s about being more proactive about when you shop and what you buy, and using up everything you have that will make the most difference to your pocket at the end of the year.

The Easiest Way to Save Money On Your Food Shop

Are you tempted to elongate your weekly shop?

I hope it’s given you food for thought… (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

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