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Let's Get Back To The Day To Day...

In The A.D.O.R.E Method (the pic below shows the order to follow), you've done the organising that you want to, but now it's time to put it back into your daily life and see how it fits...

Living With It...

The REAL LIFE part of the process is living with the organised space or area for a while.

No matter how many people recommend a way that works for them, it will only be when you start using an organised space or method that you will discover how it actually works for you.

Even if you have thought hard about what you think will work for you, you may be surprised at the results!

This stage is simply taking a step back, and using your newly organised system/space.

Using it as you have designed it, and sticking with it for a time.

Only then can you make a judgement on whether it works for you.


I always advise living with the new way of doing things for at least a month as this is how long it will take for it to feel like a natural habit – if you decide you don’t like something immediately it may well just be a reaction to change rather than a reaction to the organisation method used.

This is also the time to look at your habits and maintenance that you do around the area you've organised, to check that these are OK too with the changes you've made. 

Yes - this is a very passive part of the process, but as with all the areas, it's crucial - so don't miss it out.


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