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Quick Tip – Jigsaw organising made easy!

Toys can be a real pain to keep under control as there are usually so many, with lots of pieces and bits, and they seem to multiply before your eyes! So I wanted to take a bit of time today to give you a quick tip for one of my bug bears in the toy department and that is jigsaws.

Quick tip to organise your jigsaws so they don't get muddled

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Where’s the pain?

  • Getting several jigsaws mixed up – either due to the boxes breaking, or due to playing with more than one at a time (the usual culprit!)

Muddled jigsaw pieces

I just hate having to sort through loads of jigsaw pieces to ensure that they all go in the right box at the end of the day, there’s nothing more frustrating than doing a jigsaw and finding a piece is missing as well.

But all the pieces can easily look the same, it’s hard to know where to start. You almost need to create the jigsaws to know what goes with what – and who has the time for that!

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What’s the answer?

It’s such an easy fix really – and that is to add some sort of label on the back of each jigsaw piece so you can identify it by that.


Make sure you have a label for each jigsaw that looks different to other jigsaws so that each puzzle is easily identifiable.

Jigsaw organising made easy

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How to do it?

There are a few ways I would suggest to do this – depending on what you prefer, what you have time for etc….

  • Mark a shape on each piece in pen (I used a circle on each of them in the example pictures)
  • Use coloured dots – either use felt tip pens or stickers
  • Use shapes, letters, colours – or whatever works for you and the people using the jigsaws (colours are easy for little children to help sort as well)

TIP – Mark the box with the same label so that you can clearly see what pieces go in what box.
TIP – I would always do this as soon as the jigsaw has been bought – so that there is no time for any pieces to go astray!
TIP –┬áTake away the box entirely and place all pieces in a plastic bag – cut out the picture from the box and add that as well – then you avoid the hassle of when the box inevitably breaks as well, and saves on bulk when storing.

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How to get your jigsaws easily sorted - quick tip to help organise your puzzles

Do you have similar jigsaw organising issues in your home? Will you try this method? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below – thanks!





PSSST – do you have a tip to share or a problem that you want solving? Why not contact me and you may well feature on a blog post in the future!

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