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I am so excited to share a new find with you today – a brand new jewellery organiser that I really think may be the answer to all my jewellery organising woes – the Stackers jewellery wrap**. 

Organising jewellery made easy - product spy - jewellery wrap


I was lucky enough to be given a little money for Christmas this year from a couple of people, and as such I decided to go out and treat myself. All too often I don’t do this and end up spending it on things I need rather than treats – so I was on a mission!.

When I found this jewellery organiser I just had to have it: –


Jewellery organiser from Stackers


I have been looking for an organised solution for my jewellery for a while now – and so I knew exactly what I wanted…

TIP – Always write down what you need – including any dimensions, functions required etc… – so that when you are out and about and see something that may work, you can check the list and make sure. This saves a lot of time not having to take things back.

– – – – – – – – – –

What was the issue I had to fix?

My main annoyances with my jewellery were as follows: –

  • I have a lot of long necklaces and find it really hard to keep them from tangling up in a regular jewellery box when at home, and taking them away on holiday with me usually means a few hours of untangling them however I try and keep them separate. I usually therefore only take one or two to keep things easier, which isn’t ideal. My current fixes were to hang them on hooks on my wardrobe door when at home, and roll them up with my t-shirts when I travelled.
  • I can never find a jewellery travel case that has the right sort of compartments for my needs – I rarely wear earrings, but have loads of dress jewellery necklaces and bracelets, and I like to wear lots of different ones, so need quite a lot of space in whatever I choose.
  • I want something that looks nice as well – especially as I love neutral colours. (I always think that getting products that you love using will make you use them more as well!).

– – – – – – – – – –

Why do I like the jewellery wrap so much?

The wrap itself looks great when closed up, like an oversized clutch really: –

Stackers jewellery wrap - review - wrap closed up

and when you open it up there is loads of space and room for your jewellery: –

Stackers jewellery wrap opened up


If you look at the picture above you can see that there are 3 lengths of velcro on the wrap. The way this organiser works so well is that you can take off any of the compartments and move them around – they all simply attach to the velcro lengths – so you can create an organiser that works perfectly for what you want to store.

The other bonus is that if you don’t need certain areas, then you simply take them off and don’t use them.

The velcro means it’s really easy to put each item onto the wrap : –


ring organiser up close


There are several different types of organiser given within the wrap (and I think you can buy more if needed separately), hooks for bracelets and necklaces – an earring organiser with holes in – a ring organiser that you simply slip rings over (could also be used for bracelets I’ve found) – and a zip up pouch for all the little bits and bobs: –


Close up of the stackers jewellery wrap


As you can see from the next picture – there is a large hook at the top of the wrap so you can simply hook onto the back of a door when you are travelling and have everything within easy reach.


Picture of the stackers jewellery wrap hung up on a door


You can also see that there are flaps of fabric on each side of the wrap, which means that nothing falls out of the sides when it is wrapped up – so everything is really secure.


Close up of jewellery wrap


It looks and feels gorgeous – makes me want to use it even more! – I’m a little smitten!

– – – – – – – – – –

Stackers jewellery wrap up close


So, now I have added the jewellery wrap** to the hooks on my wardrobe door. I keep my longer necklaces permanently hung there which works really well, and use the ring organiser for some of my chunkier bracelets that don’t fit into my jewellery box.

When I travel anywhere I simply add in everything I need, wrap it up and pack it. Once I am there I unwrap and hang on a hook wherever I am staying.

So much easier and quicker I’m sure you’ll agree!

– – – – – – – – – –

Stackers jewellery wrap

If you want to grab your own wrap then you’ll find it on Amazon HERE**, or you can also see it and purchase from John Lewis HERE** (although at time of writing it is more expensive from John Lewis so please ensure you get the best price you can).

Note – it isn’t a cheap item at all, but I felt that it was something that would work so well for my jewellery needs both at home and when travelling that it was worth the treat (and it was for Christmas really!). It makes sense to me sometimes to buy exactly the right product rather than making do with 2 or 3 separate solutions that don’t work as well and may total the same amount in the end anyway.

– – – – – – – – – –

The perfect storage for your jewellery for at home and when travelling. Product spy series - Jewellery organiser - Jewellery organising

Do you like this solution? Are you tempted? I would love to know how you store your jewellery both at home and when travelling, and if you have any products to share please leave a comment below as I’m always looking out for new ideas…

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