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How post it notes can help to keep you organised


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Using post it notes to get organisedOne of my lovely readers (thanks Chitra!) emailed me the other day to share something that has helped her motivation levels.  Heres what she had to say:-

Today my hubby posted notes at all areas which needed to be attended and kept organised. I think he was sick and tired of telling me to do things. It works great – as you feel satisfied when you finish the work and remove the note. Great stress buster. Thank you hubby. Maybe this method will work for all who lack the initiative and motivation to complete things

When I read it I had visions of a home full of post it notes and totally feeling overwhelmed by them all – a little scary I think!

covered in post it notes

However, the concept is fantastic and I have seen similar ideas work really well both in homes and offices.

This sort of visual reminder really works for some people, as it makes each task very prominent, and often they will be small tasks that can be done in a few minutes – and what a lovely feeling to be able to take the post it note down after doing the job.

Its the next step to crossing something off your TO DO list (or highlighting!)

I do like this idea, but to some it could feel very like you are being picked on by your other half.

You also may find it difficult to switch off as there would be post its everywhere – and how do you explain to friends when they pop by what they are all doing everywhere!

By all means do this if it works for you, but I have another idea for you as well that I have used really successfully in my working life when leading a large team, and that was a project board.


Project boards and Post it notes

It sounds very glamorous – but really it can be any board or wall space that you have.

For each person (or project) have a column dedicated to them – then on individual post it notes add individual tasks that they need to do – the one in the picture was taken from Pinterest and shows the concept perfectly.

At the bottom of the space you could also have a “completed” section – where the post its can be put when done.

You can have different colours for different people (or projects) so its easy to see who has done what, and it can create a little competitiveness in the house which when it comes to chores isn’t a bad thing at all!

When anyone has some free time, then they can easily see what needs to be done – you could even have rewards for certain amounts of chores done etc….

It may even stop people having to nag to get jobs done….. now theres a thought!

However you look at it, creating a very visual reminder for tasks is a great way to remind people that things need to be done – and is great specifically for those people who need things put in front of them (otherwise it may just be a case of out of sight out of mind).

how to use post it notes around the homeI currently use this method in my home office to track projects I am doing – and I may start to use it in my home for all the cleaning tasks and errands etc…. (I would probably have one column for each day of the week and reuse the post its each week) – I think a good place to house that one would be the utility as its out of the way but still a visible space in the home.

Do you use post its to sort your jobs and projects out? I’d love to hear about how you do it.

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