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Perfect bathroom storage idea


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Bathroom storage can be an issue for whatever size bathroom you have been given in your home. Whatever space we all have, it is pretty much guaranteed that there will be plenty of things needed to be stored in this room, and therefore having a think about storage is key – and that’s why I’d like to share my storage idea for my own bathroom with you today, in the hope that you can see how storage can be maximised.

Bathroom storage idea - creating shelves that really work for all the family needs

Let me start at the beginning…

When we moved into our house it was completely refurbished from top to bottom, and where once had been a separate bathroom and toilet, we knocked through, and we added in a section of the hallway also to square the space off, so we were left with a really decent sized room which was great (and I’d totally recommend knocking separate bathrooms and toilets together as it creates so much space you’ll love it!).

Having added in all the sanitary ware, I wanted a pretty streamlined look to the room, and so I didn’t want any storage under the sink (this is the place your eyes go to when you walk into the room, so ideally having it clear of stuff would be better) – and so my attention turned to the space behind the door.

TIP – Try and utilise space that’s forgotten i.e. behind doorways, above doorways, around fireplaces etc… – as this can provide a load of storage without impacting the feel of the room too much.

514a. Storage idea for the bathroom before

As you can see from the above picture, there was a small recess in the wall space behind where the door would open, which wasn’t being used at all.

I decided that having shelving added to the space would work really well, and as the depth was really shallow, having it from floor to ceiling would maximise what space there was.

NOTE – I actually liked the idea of having a more shallow set of shelves as this means that you can more easily see what you have and grab what you need more easily.

514b. Storage idea for the bathroom after

I added doors to the shelving so that it tidied everything away nicely, and the doors I chose were louvered ** so that it gave me the look and feel I liked (I have shutters on the windows so this matched in well).

These doors were pine originally and I stained them to give them a more aged look and feel (a mammoth job as anyone who has ever painted louvered doors will agree!) – but so worth it!514c. Storage idea for the bathroom after

514d. Storage idea for the bathroom after

As you can see, there was plenty of shelving in the space, and I planned out this many shelves with the idea of having one for each of the family, one for cleaning supplies and one for stockpiling items that I bought when on sale etc… i.e. shampoo, toilet rolls.514e. Storage idea for the bathroom after

One of the best decisions I made for these cupboards was to split them up – as you can see above – so that there was one large main cupboard on top, and a smaller cupboard on the bottom – why?

Well, at the time my daughter was a toddler, and it made sense to only allow her access to the bottom cupboard for a few more years, so she couldn’t get to the handles of the main cupboard and therefore couldn’t get her hands on any toiletries or cleaning products that were going to cause her any harm.

514f. Storage idea for the bathroom after

And it has worked really well – as you can see above there is loads of space in the bottom cupboard for the more bulky items such as bath toys, toilet seat, bath mat etc… – and she can easily grab what she wants when she wants it (of course, as she grows up this will be used for different things, but I can foresee this being where less used items such as hot water bottles, travel bags for toiletries, weighing scales etc… go – or even laundry.

514g. Storage idea for the bathroom after

In the main cupboard I decided that having the toilet rolls, spare toothpaste and handwash, my daughters toiletries etc… would be best suited to the first shelf.

Again this was due to the fact that they are all items that my daughter would need to be able to grab as she got older, and it keeps other stuff again more out of reach.

The next shelf up was for my toiletries, along with a basket with scissors, nail files, matches (for candles in the bath!) etc… for general use.

And the next shelf after that was for all my hubbys items.

Once I knew what I was storing on each shelf I started to look for containers that would work in the space we had. I liked the idea of having baskets that could easily be pulled out and taken to the right place in the room or elsewhere – and so that similar items could be stored together easily.

Luckily I found the perfect sized baskets at John Lewis ** – that would fit lengthways in the shallow space available so I grabbed a few!, and I also had a couple of plastic containers already around the house that fit well also that I used as well.
514h. Storage idea for the bathroom after

The very last shelf, right at the top, was the best place for all those cleaning products and the stockpile items I buy, and as this is completely out of the way of little hands it’s works from a safety point of view as well.

It means that all bathroom cleaning and stock is to hand for us when we need it, but out of the way.

514i. Storage idea for the bathroom after

514j. Storage idea for the bathroom after

One thing I would change if I did this again (but could still be added in the future) is that the shelves are quite far apart and actually the vertical space on some of them isn’t used very much, so you could fit in more shelves quite easily which would be handy, so the lesson here is to measure as much as you can first and ensure you are getting the most out of every inch! 514k. Storage idea for the bathroom after

Bathroom storage idea - solution for a busy family home, with space for everything!


I totally love this cupboard, and for a shallow space it holds so much stuff it’s invaluable to us now.


Do you have a good storage idea for the bathroom? – Why not leave a comment below and let me know – I love to hear from you!




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