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Holding a party in your home usually means decorating in some fashion, whether its a simple banner, a few balloons, or a whole themed house – the options really are endless!. But however fun it is to decorate your home for a party, stress can take over when it comes to how to put things up safely, securely and without damage to the room in any way.

Today I wanted to chat with you a little about party decorating, giving you a few tips and tricks to use next time you have a need to decorate your home for an event, and introducing a fantastic product range that can help things go a lot more smoothly.

Party decorating tips and ideas to make life easier

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What’s the problem?

There are 2 main issues when it comes to putting up decorations:-

  • How to keep them from coming down – securing them properly.
  • How to protect the surface you are sticking the decorations to from getting damaged.

The last thing you want to happen when you have a party or event is for all the decorations to be falling down, or worse still, to have to redecorate afterwards because you’ve taken the paint off the walls with whatever stickies you have put the decorations up with…

– – – – – – – – – –

So what’s the answer?

I am so pleased that one of my favourite brands, Command from 3M (I love Command Strips and Hooks and have used them around the house frequently on other projects), have come up with a party range that can take all that stress away.

They kindly sent me some samples to try, and I put together a party scheme for you so I could show you what a difference the products made, and how easy they are to use etc….

So, let’s get started!

– – – – – – – – – –

My party idea was for adults – it’s all too often that the kids have all the fun when it comes to party decorations and so I wanted to turn the focus to the grown ups. I love the vintage, neutral look and so went with a theme around this style that would be able to be used for a garden party, an anniversary do, or a tea party with the girls – and I wanted to create a look that would go from day to night well so that the partying could continue for as long as possible!

TIP – pick a theme that works well with your home and what you already have, to save money when it comes to decorating

I chose my conservatory area for decorating, and it looked like this:-

Conservatory before party decorating

I liked the idea of having the party in this area as it was nice and light and bright, was directly onto the garden so the doors could be opened on a nice day, but was also a big open space that people could walk around and gather easily.


I started to gather all the bits and bobs I had around the house that would work well for the party, as this would help to save the costs of decorating, but also enabled me to use some of the things that didn’t necessarily get used a lot…

Things from around the house to fit the decorating scheme

And next I took a look at the products that I was sent by the Command Brand from 3M:

Command Brand 3M products Party Decorating

I wanted to know what type of fixings there were before I actually sorted out my decorations, as this would tell me what I could and couldn’t use for my scheme – but I was pleasantly surprised with the fact that there was a fixing for any type of decoration you would choose to hang!

The range includes Balloon Bunchers, Ceiling Hooks, Banner Anchors, Mini Spring Clips, Clear Mounting Strips and Refill strips – all of which are based on the command strips as the fixings (a sticky pull thats clear on the back of each fixing, you simply unpeel the backing, stick it on, and then use the clear pull to cleanly pull it off when finished). I will show you a few close ups later (keep reading….!)

After realising that the world was my oyster as far as what I could hang up, I went out and got a few bits and bobs:-

Party decorating products

These came from a range of places:-

and then the fun began!

– – – – – – – – – –

Hanging Balloons

Balloons can be a real pain to hang up, as they can come off the wall all too easily – so I was pleased to see the Balloon Bunchers in the mix of products:-

Balloon Buncher Command Strips

As you can see – each pack you get 3 fixings, and each fixing holds 3 balloons in a group. You simply blow the balloons up and slot them into the fixing:-

Balloon Buncher fixing Balloon Buncher fixing

When you stick the fixing to the wall (in this case I used the window frame), it gives a lovely and secure finish, and you haven’t got any unsightly fixings to contend with.

Fixing balloons securely for a party

– – – – – – – – – –

Cards / Menus etc..

I wanted to add a few cards and extra decorations around the walls, and I used the Mini Spring Clips for this job. Basically a clip that you stick to the wall with the Command Fixing:-

Mini Spring Clips Command Mini Spring Clips Command

TIP – this would be a great way to display Christmas cards / Birthday cards / Menus for an afternoon tea  etc….

– – – – – – – – – –

On the ceiling!

How difficult is it to attach a few decorations from the ceiling!?

I always end up with them over the light fitting which really isn’t ideal from a safety point of view, but also from an aesthetic point of view!

In the conservatory though there was absolutely nothing to fix anything to – and as such the ceiling hooks were invaluable:-

Ceiling Hooks Command Strips

I particularly liked the fact that the hooks spin when they are fixed, so you can angle the hook itself wherever works best when fixing things to it.
Ceiling Hooks Command Strips

And I used some bakers twine to hang loads of balloons up into the roof which looked great!. I loved the balloons I bought as they looked liked bubbles – great for a champagne style event!Ceiling Hooks Command Strips - party decorating

– – – – – – – – – –


Lastly – having some twinkly lights dotted around would have been the ideal finish to this look, and I used the Banner Anchors for this.  These are simply a circular design that allows you to wrap banner string (or in my case, light cable) around them securely and having a few means that you can hang the banner/lights etc.. wherever you want.

Command Strips Banner Anchors Command Strips Banner Anchors

– – – – – – – – – –

Now, you’ve seen all the products in close up – it’s time for the final reveal – which I’m so pleased with – I wanted to show you what it looked like in all lights as well, so we go from Daytime, to Evening, to Night – and each time of day looks lovely (I hope you agree!):-

Party Decorating - daytime look

Party Decorating - evening look

Party Decorating - night time look

– – – – – – – – – –

Party decorating made easy - great product range and tips and tricks to make your next party look amazing, stress free!

It gets me in the party mood just seeing that room all dressed up and ready to go!

Thank you to Command Strips for this collaboration and for sponsoring the post – as always all words and ideas are my own – and I hope you’ve got lots of ideas for throwing your own party.

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