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eBook / Planner – Introducing the best way to sort out your paperwork once and for all!

paperwork sorted - ebook system to get in control of paper piles


The "Paperwork : Sorted!” eBook

The tried and tested method for getting your paperwork under control - at last!

Learn the secrets I have learnt over several years of perfecting a system that truly works...

and the best bit is – ANYONE can set it up!

Are you sick and tired of looking at those piles of papers everywhere?

  • What if you could create a place for every last bit of paperwork - so that you could find it easily when needed, but it was out of the way when not?
  • What if there was a system you could follow to help you achieve freedom from your paperwork?
  • What if you could make those piles of papers a thing of the past?

Sounds good doesn’t it!

Welcome to the most effective way to get your paperwork sorted once and for all – whether in your home, your home office, or at work – the system works wherever you need it and can change the way you deal with paperwork forever!

Ever since I started getting myself more organised (many moons ago!), one of the biggest areas to tackle has been paperwork. It's just so overwhelming, and can easily become too much to deal with – resulting in missed appointments, forgotten birthdays, late fees on bills etc…. 

Paperwork runs our lives, and it's time to take back control...


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I can never find important papers when I need them
  • I turn up late for appointments as my diary isn’t up to date
  • I always have a never ending pile of paperwork and mail to sort out – I feel so overwhelmed and can never seem to catch up
  • I have lost count of the number of vouchers and deals I’ve missed out on because I have forgotten about them until after they have run out
  • I often lose invitations and miss events as a result


I’m sure you will have said yes to at least one of these! I know I have in the past…..

So why not setup a system for yourself that really works – that ensures that you can put your hands on any piece of paper/document/receipt etc… within a minute (or so!) of looking.

Giving you back time, energy and creating less stress.

What could be better than that!

This is a system that can last you a lifetime – its not a fad or something that just looks good but doesn’t really work – it will truly change how you and your home or office functions from now on.

It will give you the habits and ability to really make everything run smoothly – forever!

What is the Paperwork : Sorted! eBook all about?

This eBook is a step by step guide which teaches you the exact method to create your very own paperwork system.

It helps you to assess your specific needs and wants, and the reasons you want to get organised, and then takes you through each step of creating the system that will work for you.

The system can be moulded to suit the way you live and work, but the fundamentals will stay the same, and working through the eBook will really give you a new lease of life and set you free from that paperwork burden you currently have.

It is a detailed 85 page eBook that takes you through the system step by step.

There are loads of tips, a helpful visual to printout as a quick reference guide of the system, and ideas to help with all aspects of your paperwork – from actioning your inbox to filing – its all in there!

You can set up this system with very little outlay if necessary. Most people have the minimum required already in their homes, and I can show you the way to set it up so that it works for you better than you thought possible!


With the “Paperwork:Sorted!” eBook, you’ll be able to…

  • Learn the EXACT system I have created over several years of testing and tweaking – you get to take advantage of the results so you don’t need to spend time starting from scratch
  • Utilise and learn about the A.D.O.R.E method that I have created and use as the base for all my organising projects
  • Set up a workable incoming paperwork area in your own home
  • Learn all about Home Files, Diary Add on Files, Diary Management, Deep Filing and much more – and learn easy ways to set them up in your own home
  • Take advantage of the many tips throughout the eBook – and specifically the selection of my favourite tips which you can find at the end of the book.
  • Extra ideas for organising all kinds of paperwork that comes into your home
  • Be able to put your hands on any piece of paper in your home within 1 minute of looking – NEVER LOSE ANYTHING AGAIN!

It really will change the way your home runs – for the better... and for life!

paperwork ebook - get in control of your paperwork once and for all

This could be you…

  • More time to spend in the more important things in life
  • Always be able to find important documents within 1 minute
  • Be able to get your hands on references and telephone numbers quickly and easily
  • Be on top of all your paperwork at all times
  • Everything will have its place, filing is up to date, and you only keep what you truly need
  • Your diary is managed well, and you never miss a birthday / appointment / meeting again
  • Your home and life run more smoothly than ever
  • Everyone in the family knows what's going on at any time

You CAN achieve these things and more once the system is implemented, and you’ll be so thankful you did – so what are you waiting for?!

Does it work?

ABSOLUTELY - I have been using this system in my home for many years now, and can honestly say that it makes dealing with paperwork as easy as it can be.

See what others have said about this eBook:-

This eBook has changed the way I deal with paperwork forever!…Having set up the system in my own home, I can now say hand on heart that I am in control of my paperwork and therefore my life. I no longer feel overwhelmed, and I very rarely miss anything now – which is such a blessing! This eBook is worth every penny!

 Online survey feedback


I just wanted to let you know how helpful your eBook has been – I was getting in such a mess and did not know where to start trying to sort so thank god i have read your book. I am going to try and religiously do what you say…..I can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Stephanie in Ireland


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When you purchase you will be sent an email from ETSY with download details.

This is a digital product only - no physical product will be sent.

When you have paid for the eBook you will be immediately sent an email with a downloadable link on it. Simply click this link and save the files to your computer.

Once downloaded you are free to print it out as many times as you like – and you can get started filling it in straight away!

The eBook comes in pdf format and you simply need adobe acrobat reader to view it which can be downloaded for free from here




The Paperwork : Sorted eBook costs just £9.99

VAT will be charged if applicable, and all currency will be changed to yours in ETSY so you will know exactly what the cost is if you don't use £ (GBP).

Simply click the BUY NOW button and you’ll be taken to the ETSY shop where you can pay via Paypal or credit/debit card.



If you would like to print out the eBook then it is made to print out on both sides of the paper - this gives it the best look and feel and stops it being too bulky (or wasting paper).

Simply set your printer to print on both sides (this is sometimes called duplex printing).

If your printer doesn't have this setting, then I would suggest getting it printed at a local print shop for the best overall look. (I have included a Print release form for you to take to show that you have permission to print it off)

(Please note that colours may vary slightly depending on printer settings)

{More printing advice can also be found HERE}



The eBook takes you through step by step the parts of the system that you need, and gives you tasks to do - so you always know you are on the right track. Along with this I also give you a picture diagram of the whole system so you can see how it works, and I show you pictures of how I have set up my own paperwork area. Of course, how you choose to set it up is totally up to you and the space you have - but I give lots of ideas along the way for inspiration!



If you have a question about this eBook, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Thanks so much for taking a look at the Home File: Sorted! eBook - I hope that it has given you some ideas about how you can create a more organised and simpler home life! I really look forward to hearing how you get on...


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