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I really can’t wait to show you around my little corner of the web…  OMH is the place to come for loads of inspiration and tips to make your home and life just how you want them to be – as simply as possible.

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What is a home file? Home management binder - what exactly is it?


In my home I call myself the house manager – I am the one who knows where people need to be, what they need when they get there, and pretty much run the house. My husband is great and always helps A LOT, but the main running of the house is my domain. This is […]

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being organised can affect your relationship - how? find out here!

How being organised (or not!) can affect your relationship

I was reading a magazine article the other day that mentioned how important it was to be in sync with your your partner – so that your relationship flourished. It was an article about how, no matter what your personalities were, you can work together to ensure that your relationhip thrived – and that you […]

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Childrens room - organising kids bedroom

11 Ideas for Organising Kids Bedrooms

Childrens bedrooms are well known for being messy spaces where they can be themselves. And all this is great and good apart from the messy bit! I am so passionate about instilling good organising habits into children that will serve them well in later life, and think that we are never too little to do […]

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Find out what your personality is when it comes to getting organised

Do you know your Organising Personality?

Never underestimate how important you are as an individual when it comes to organising your home and your life. Your personality is totally unique to you. I stress on this site that systems should be made that suit you as a person and your way of life – and that getting organised should involve creating […]

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moving house tips countdown checklist

Moving House Tips – Countdown Checklist

Spring is one of the favourite times for people to move house. Its when things seem brighter, the winter and Christmas is over (typically when people simply nest!) and people are now ready for making changes. It also works well in that you can often be moved and in your new home by the summer […]

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How to A.D.O.R.E your Utility!

I think of the utility as the hub of the home – the nerve centre. The place where (if you are lucky enough to have the space) you can do all your laundry, mending, ironing, store household items incl. cleaning products and excess bathroom and kitchen items ready for when they are all needed. In […]

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quick and eay things to organise in your home and life

15 quick and easy things to organise!

How do you spend your spare time? Today I had a few minutes spare as an appointment was cancelled at the last minute. I started to think about how I could use the time well, and not waste it procrastinating about whats most important to get done (we all do it – spend so much […]

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10 tips to organise your bathroom - how you can make your bathroom work better for you

10 useful tips for organising your bathroom

Is your bathroom a sanctuary where you love to go and shower/bathe in peace? Thought not! Most people don’t have this feeling when they walk into their bathroom – but most people want this! And it can be relatively easy to achieve.

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