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There is a lot of stuff in the average home – and a lot of it is small stuff!

You know what I’m talking about – batteries, pens, paperclips, candles, nails, screws, stamps, coins, keys etc…. – I could go on forever!

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And where does most of this stuff end up?

There are always a few dumping grounds in our homes (junk drawer / junk cupboard / junk bowl of stuff on the hallway table…) – places where we have learnt to simply overlook the mess, and places where we go to find something when it’s lost!

We have sort of run out of steam for finding the right places for all these small items.

I often find that it’s these little things that get left at the end of any type of  decluttering/organising session as they are the bits with no home, and they’re too small to really worry about….


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Well – no longer should you worry about finding  space for them – as I have found a great item for keeping everything sorted, once and for all!

The key to keeping small things sorted once and for all is to store them well, in compartments that make them easy to find – and keep them accessible.


The key is – Craft Storage Boxes

A Craft Storage Box** is a great invention. A plastic box with movable compartments that can house anything and everything with ease.

I used one for my medicine cabinet when I re-organised this a couple of months ago, and it gave me the inspiration to try them out on the other smaller objects around the house.

You can buy them in all sorts of shapes and sizes – so you will always be able to find what you need – and a quick search for phrases such as “Art bin** “, “craft storage box** ” etc… will come up with some choices for you from around the web.

I specifically look for ones that are strong, have the right dimensions for what I want to store and where I want to store it, and also that have great clasps so that they won’t spring open when I don’t want them too.


What to store?

Now, you could have a completely miscellaneous storage box that houses all the odds and ends in your home – but for the sake of being as organised as possible (and needing to split items up into a few boxes) I wanted to go one step further and categorise the items as much as possible as well.

I got everything out that I wanted to store and grouped like with like so I could see what was what. Most of this stuff would be best stored in the utility so I decided to concentrate on fitting boxes into this area (but you could equally use boxes like this in your hallway cupboard, your bathroom cupboard, a kitchen cupboard etc….).

I ended up with 2 boxes – the first was all about picture hanging and general DIY bits and pieces:-

DIY small stuff organising from

And the second contained things like batteries (in sizes), matches, string and other misc. bits and bobs:-

small stuff to store in the boxes in the utility - via

The result?

Now I can simply pull out the right storage bin (I have labelled the front to tell me whats what, but you can see whats in each easily as they are clear), and carry it to where I need it – knowing that I have all I need in it.

TIP – If you were sorting out a junk drawer and wanted a similar look to this, then a simple fix that fits drawers like a glove usually – are cutlery drawers!



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