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Organising Present Wrapping…

Tis the season to be….. PANICKED over all the present buying, wrapping, sending etc…..! Lets face it – there are usually so many presents to think about its a wonder sometimes we get there at all!

I wanted to make things less stressed, and more fun – so last year I decided to really think about things and put my stamp on all the presents I gave out – rather than just picking up the cheapest paper I could find in an attempt to not break the bank with wrapping the presents!

Present wrapping organised - tips and tricks


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Give it some thought…

We have a family tradition now of spending a maximum of £15 on each person – I highly recommend this as things don’t get out of control, you can still buy some stunning things, and it makes people think more about what to buy – so the presents tend to be more special.

Its also a great way of managing your budget – you know exactly the maximum spend on presents so you can save throughout the year for it much more easily.

But with these presents, I wanted them all to show that care had been taken over them from the minute someone saw it – from the outside!

Its all too easy to make wrapping a last minute thing, where sellotape gets stuck on the paper in the wrong place, rips it, and you have to start again….. we’ve all been there!

So I sat and thought about a way that I could make my presents obviously from me, and give them a unique twist without overdoing the expense.

What’s your style?

I wanted to create my own style with my wrapping, to make them extra special in some way, and to give me satisfaction when I wrapped them, so I started thinking about what my style was and how this could translate to a present.

For you – think about your home, your clothes etc… – anything that gives you inspiration about you. Are you modern / contemporary / traditional / colourful / monochrome etc….? The clues are there if you look!

My style is quite traditional, I like subdued colours and simple designs.

I also had in my head a vision of how I wanted the presents to look under the tree on Christmas morning – spilling out over the floor in beautifully wrapped and matching wrappings…… ah hem! likely? – I think not! – but its nice to have a dream! and some of it IS achievable without too much effort really.

With my traditional look in mind, I plumped for brown paper**

Simple I know – but SO effective! And cheap too! you can buy it on massive rolls that will last and last so it won’t break the bank (and can also be used up throughout the year which is a bonus as its not Christmas specific, I am sick of having loads of Christmas wrapping paper to store over the year and it makes for more clutter in the house!)

I also went for simple luggage labels** – again as they are effective and look great against the brown paper (I have shown some Christmas specific ones I like as well). They also have enough space on to write a special message on which makes it more unique.

Lastly – I added some beautiful ribbon – to tie in a large bow around the presents. This is where the sparkle comes from for me – I chose silver as it reminds me of the ice and crispness of the time of year – but you could have red and green, or gold, or any colour you want really!

TIP – You could get all unique here and add some coloured stamps to the paper itself as well, or get the kids to do this! – stars look stunning!

Basically – this is a really easy and effective way of wrapping any type of present – and you can make them as specific to the time of year as you want – let your imagination run wild!


What about the hard to wrap presents?

Well – I have found the perfect way to wrap any present easily and effectively.

Florists cellophane wrap is the secret. I was told this many moons ago in a previous job and its stayed with me ever since.

Get a large piece of the wrap, then add in a coloured tissue on top – then add your present. Then simply grab each corner of the wrap and pull it together at the top. Secure with some ribbon and a bow and you’re done!

It looks so pretty and you can personalise with the choice of tissue paper etc… – there are loads of colours and patterns available to make it your own.

This works really well for bottles, perfume etc…. and makes the present look simply stunning!



Make it fun!

Make present wrapping an occasion if you find it hard to get motivated into doing it. Here are some ways to do it:-

  • Get the whole family involved and it will get done quicker
  • Do a couple of presents each day then it won’t get too overwhelming
  • Do all your wrapping one evening – and watch a film while you’re doing it – set it all out on the floor so its easy to do – and you’ll be done before you know it! (just have a checklist to cross off as you go so you don’t get confused!)
  • Set yourself a goal of having it all done by December 1st – the promise of a wrapping free December may be all the motivation you need….!


In summary…

To wrap presents and make it fun, give yourself a wrapping style. Make presents obviously from you and you will get great satisfaction from getting the wrapping just right.

Once you have a style, then you will find it much easier to wrap presents for any occasion – and if you use something simple then you can have supplies for whatever the occasion much more easily and without having to store lots of different types.

Let your imagination run riot, and have some fun!

I would love to see what you come up with!



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One Response to Organising Present Wrapping…

  1. Sally Ferguson Dec 3, 2014 at 9:15 pm #

    Newspaper cartoons (i.e. the Sunday funnies) make good wrapping paper and provide entertainment at the same time. No cost if you already receive the paper!

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