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Organising a utility room – planning and storage …

Do you have a utility room? This is one of the key rooms in your home to get organised, as things are moving in and out of it on a daily basis including laundry, cleaning items and much more. 

This post goes through how I have started from scratch with my utility room, things I have considered when planning it out, to ensure I maximised storage and made it work for us – I hope some of these things help you if you are starting a similar project – or you can use if simply re-organising your exisiting space.

Organising a Utility room - things to think about so you get it right for what you need

This is how my new utility room (part of our extension) looked a week ago:-

Utility planning and storage

And a few days later it looked like this:-


So, now the units are in, and although its not got flooring or been decorated as yet, and in another desperate attempt to get organised again (this extension is driving the inner organiser in me mad!) I decided to tackle fitting out the utility cupboards.

The space in the new room is great, so I went for maximum storage and functionality (although the designer in me also wants it to look beautiful – why not do chores in a gorgeous room!) – and as you can see I therefore went for high units along one wall, and only a little work surface.

Less work surface works for our family – as we only really need a sink area and a little space each side – what we really need is as much storage as possible, which means floor to ceiling storage and as much of it as we can fit!

I think that there’s more that can be done with this than with smaller wall units – as they tend to only fit a little storage into each.

I also plan to have an extra fold down wall hung table or washing dryer on the opposite wall for extra when I need it (trying to think of everything!).

As you can see – I have been left with very simple internal storage areas, which could easily be filled and look cluttered (the unopened section is an extra fridge freezer – really handy for drinks, and when we have parties and things – and for Christmas! – the freezer is an extension of the one in the kitchen).

I did some looking around and I have found fantastic internal storage units from Howdens, and instead of simply shelves, they allow you to make the space work for you, with tall storage and smaller shelving where necessary. I arranged my internal units like you can see here:-

Utility storage

So now I have storage that’s tall for mops, ironing board, and specific places for my hoover etc… – I have also arranged the shelving as I thought it would need to be like this to maximise how I found items, and how quickly etc….

Then I started to fill up with all my items that have up until now been in storage boxes awaiting the build to finish

utility planning storage

As the saying goes – “A place for everything, and everything in its place”.

There is now a shelf for everything, and specifically I want to point out the following:-

  • Medicine can be kept out of childrens reach in the small wall hung unit over the work surface
  • Enough work surface for washing baskets, piles of washing etc… when required
  • Washing machine and next to it in cupboard are all the washing products so they are to hand
  • Specific storage for all items – in correctly sized slots maximising the storage space (I also intend to label the shelves as then any member of the family can put things back where they belong)
  • An empty space ready for ironing to be kept (washing is kept in washing baskets and brought down ready to load into the washing machine, and as soon as its all dry its put away in the right room – so we don’t need specific space for washing  or dry clothes – just ironing really)

  – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

So now – we are nearly there – once the walls and flooring have been decorated, then I can add in hooks ready for guests coats and for shirts etc.. to be hung when ready to be ironed.

I will also add in a few other bits – so watch this space – but for now I hope you are motivated to rearrange your utility space – It has already made such a difference to my family!

Things to think about when organising a utility room - so that it works for every function (laundry, cleaning etc...)If you aren’t lucky enough to be able to start from scratch – then just think about what additions you can make to whatever space you have available for a utility space in your home.

Can you add in some shelves, or some simple baskets that would hide everything away? Could you change the way you do your washing so that things aren’t piled up, and move out of the space quickly?

The trick is to work with the space you have, and with how your family works – and then you should create a utility area that works for you.



Do you have an organised utility room – or space? I’d love to know how you have organised it so please leave a comment below…

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