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  1. Hi Chrissy

    Many thanks for these tips – you mentioned that you would prefer not to leave out food for people coming to view the house. I agree, but would suggest putting on a pot of coffee and baking some scones or a cake – just for the lovely aromas. Don’t know anyone who doesn’t just love the smell of fresh baking.

    • Hi Helen,

      Great idea – coffee would work well, however a lot of buyers are well aware of this trick now so it doesn’t necessarily work as it once did x

    • Hi Louise,

      Absolutely – the outside of the property is key as it gives the first impression. If the outside looks untidy or badly kept then it subconsciously says to the potential buyer that the inside may well be the same.

      Ideally you want to do as many of the following as you can (some may not be needed dependent on what your outside space consists of):-

      Mow lawn, weed, cut hedges, tidy up, create a seating area for socialising, create a play area for family friendly homes (can be simply a space for toys), add some colour with flowers in hanging baskets, ensure that the entrance is clear and easy to reach (parking for viewings ideally), make sure the house number can be clearly seen, and light up the entrance (especially important in winter as it gives a lovely welcome).

      Hope this helps x

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