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Monthly Planner Bundle

With The Monthly Calendar Bundle...

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    3 Gorgeously Designed Calendars To Use Throughout 2020
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    List Version, Grid Version, AND Colouring In Version included - the Choice is Yours!
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    25% Off The Individual Prices When You Get The Bundle.
Colouring In Monthly Planner In Situ
Grid Version of Monthly Planner In Situ
List Version of Monthly Planner In Situ


Using a monthly calendar is a great way to keep both yourself AND the entire family on track over the year.

The three main ways that I would recommend using these calendars are: -

  • On the Wall - so the entire family can see
  • In Your Planner - to track your own personal items
  • As a Memory Tracker

Let's look at these 3 ways a little more closely...


I love adding the planners to a clipboard at the start of the year and hanging it on the wall in my kitchen.

We use it for adding in special dates and information that's outside our normal schedules, as it's a great way to highlight things.

Having it on the wall means the whole family can see it and hopefully stops the dreaded double booking happening!

OTHER IDEAS - You could also add to the back of a cupboard door, or on a noticeboard.


I also use a copy in my planner - to track my own personal important info such as birthdays and notes for the month.


For people who love journalling - why not use the list version to write a line a day?


A great idea is to use the Grid version for noting memories as they happen, then you could add them to your memory box or Year Book.


Have the 2018 as well as the 2019 calendar now.... Perfect set up, easy to print, ...... will always be back.. :)



What's Included?

  • The Monthly Calendar Bundle is made up of 3 Individually Designed Calendars for 2020.
  • Each Calendar has 12 pages (a month per page), and all layouts have the week starting on a Monday
  • You get a List Version, a Grid Version, and a Colouring In Version. 
  • They come in pdf format ready for you to print out and use. The digital format means you don't get a physical product from me, but it enables you to print each page off as many times as you like.
  • A4 and Letter (8.5"*11") sizes are both included
  • All versions are beautifully designed and in black and white so you can add your own personalisation to them.

Take a Closer Look At The Contents Here: -

2020 Monthly Planner Set - Grid Version
2020 Monthly Calendar Colouring In Pages Jul-Aug-Sep
2020 Monthly Calendar List Version



monthly Planner - Colouring In Pages 2020
  • Each colouring in page has a grid format to add in your notes etc...
  • The pages have floral designs in line with the seasons.
  • Hang on the wall and colour to match your decor - or use in your planner to add some colouring to your day to day!

These are so cute! Fun to colour too!




Monthly Planner - Grid Layout - 2020
  • Simple minimal design
  • Space for extra notes
  • Monday Start


Monthly Planner - List Layout - 2020
  • One Line a Day Format
  • Extra space for notes
  • Use for tracking Birthdays, or as a line a day journal prompt.
2020 Monthly Calendar Colouring In Pages Jan-Feb-Mar
2020 Monthly Calendar Colouring In Pages Apr-May-Jun
2020 Monthly Calendar Colouring In Pages Jul-Aug-Sep
2020 Monthly Calendar Colouring In Pages Oct-Nov-Dec

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I now get to help thousands of people, all over the world by creating planners, printables, eBooks and eCourses that have been carefully put together using all the experience I have had with clients and in my own home life - and I can't wait to share them with you. Welcome to the start of something amazing!

Get your Monthly Calendar Bundle NOW

.This Bundle is a collection of 3 Separate Calendars - priced at 25% off buying them individually.

PLEASE NOTE -  If you prefer to buy just one or two of the formats, then I wouldn't want to stop you! - so you have the choice of buying them separately as well.

Monthly Planner Bundle



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  • Includes all 3 versions (Grid, Colouring In, and List) of the calendars at 25% off the individual prices.
  • pdf format - digital download for you to print and use
  • Stylish Black & White format.

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monthly Planner - Colouring In Pages 2020


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Monthly Planner - Grid Layout - 2020


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Monthly Planner - List Layout - 2020


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