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2021 calendar bundle

3 stunning designs to track important dates in your busy life

2021 Calendar Bundle Front Cover
2021 Calendar Bundle Front Cover

let's get real for a second...

You have a diary and it's the place you note down all those scheduled things that are coming up - yay you! 

BUT .... do you really want your family looking at it to find out what's happening, and do you think they'd actually think to look at it anyway before they made any plans?

Like most families, yours is probably pretty good at keeping on top of their 'normal' weekly schedule, BUT ... what about those things that crop up that go against that schedule?

I'm sure you've had a time where someone in the family has missed an appointment because they forgot about it, or someone has arranged something that clashes with an already planned item - and I know how stressful that can be.

It leads to more admin for you and them - not to mention wasting time that could be spent doing other (much more interesting) things.


It's probably made you that person who's constantly reminding everyone, and checking in on what they've got planned over the coming weeks - and I'm sure you're not enjoying that role at all....

Surely there's an easier way to keep everyone on track with those one-off things that we all deal with, right?

Well - yes, there is, and it's the calendars in this beautiful bundle.

Each of the 3 calendars have been carefully designed to fit your familys needs (and style!) perfectly. 

Just hang on the wall (somewhere that can be seen daily by everyone) as a place to note things that they need to know - and enjoy less nagging as a result!

They can be used to track so many things - holidays, days off, appointments, events, birthdays, dinners, play dates etc... - WHATEVER your family needs are - and stay on top of things in one central place.

It couldn't be easier - but it's so effective, and I can't wait for you to see how much of a difference they can make....

These are the best calendars - seriously!

They are so beautiful - I have the colouring in set on my kitchen wall for important dates, and the list version in my diary to track birthdays - thank you so much for creating them!

- Sarah

the 2021 Calendar Bundle includes...

  • 3 stunning styles - choose from Grid, Colouring in, and List - or use them all! 
  • Both printable AND editable (digital) versions - you choose how you use them
  • 12 pages running from January to December 2021
  • Each week starts on a Monday
  • A4 and Letter pdf files - use the one that matches the paper size you use

Perfect setup, easy to print, will always be back...

- Heidi

let's take a look at each style...

grid calendar 2021

style 1


a block for every day of the month, in a sleek design that you'll love looking at. There's even space for notes.

colouring in calendar 2021

style 2

floral colouring in

this is a firm favourite in our house, as each month is beautifully designed with a suitable floral colouring in picture, which looks good in black and white or can be coloured to match your decor.

list calendar 2021

style 3


There are 3 columns - these could be used for family members, children, or use each column for a different plan (meals, events, birthdays, holidays etc...) - you get to choose what works best for you!

you get all 3 stunning calendars

(incl. the editable / digital versions of each)

for just $16 $8

SO cute - and fun to colour too!

- Sara

Chrissy Owner of

Hi! - I'm Chrissy, and having been a professional organiser for over 12 years, I love to find ways to simplify life at home.

I created these calendars for my own family when I started to see a need for a central place to track things likely to be forgotten otherwise. Things that were away from everyones 'normal' schedule, like events and appointments.

And it really WORKED! We have a calendar on our kitchen wall and it's the place we all go to check before arranging anything.

It's the perfect addition to our home hub (you may call it a command centre), and has been the link between my diary with all.the.details (!) and the rest of the family knowing what's what.

I can't wait for you to get a copy and see what a difference it makes...

2021 Calendar Bundle Front Cover

Make family life that bit easier to stay on top of...

... beautifully!

2021 calendar bundle

Get instant access now for just $16  $8

(50% off as we are now part way through the year...)

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