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Sometimes on this blog I like to write down some general thoughts that may get you thinking about things in a different way. Todays thought is based on making life easier (and I’m all for making it as easy as possible!) by working around the way we work more – to maximise what we are good at and to minimise what we aren’t . It just makes sense to me – what do you think…..?

Why you should learn from the positives and negatives in life

Let me tell you something about me – I am not a morning person.

Anyone that knows me knows this as a fact!

Unfortunately, try as I might, I probably won’t ever be (although I hate to say never…).

I am, however, an evening person.

Something within me springs into action when everyone else is in bed asleep – and I am usually at my most productive in the wee small hours. In fact, I’m sitting here writing this very post at past midnight as if to prove my own point!

These 2 facts are a part of me – and are what makes me who I am – a night owl and NOT an early bird.

I know this about myself, so why fight it?

– – – – – – – – – –

For years now I have tried to make myself more productive in the morning – but to no avail. I simply don’t work that way, and it makes me less happy when I try and work more “normal” hours.

I have learnt that trying to get things done at the wrong time of day for me only makes them take longer, or not get done properly at all – and what’s the point of that? Life really is too short.

I try as much as possible, and as much as my life allows, to make my routine fit around my positives rather than my negatives – and it makes me more productive as a result.

For example –

I can’t get my head into gear first thing – so I ensure that I pack and prepare for the next day the evening before.

This means that I can get up and not really have to think that much about what needs to be done, as it’s all in front of me – clothes to wear are laid out, my bags are packed, my diary has been checked so I know where I need to be etc….  – and this makes for a much easier start to my day.

– – – – – – – – – –

Make your life easier

This thought process can be used for so many things to make your life easier each and every day just by asking yourself the following:-

When is your most productive time and when are you at your worst?

Then sort out your diary as much as you possible can to fill your productive time with the most taxing TO DO’s on your list, and leave the easier things for those times when you know you will have a slump.

For example:-

  • Exercise when you feel most energised
  • Make phone calls or do errands when you are less energised as this takes less brain power
  • If you are a morning person then start the day with your most important thing to do
  • If you slump in the afternoon think about starting work earlier in the day and finishing early
  • Take time off in the morning and work in the evening if you prefer to work at night

The list is endless….

– – – – – – – – – –

My schedule is fixed though…

Of course I am more than aware that not everyone’s schedules allow this flexibility, but you really can find some room for changes to at least some extent.

Here are some examples:-

– – – – – – – – – –

Working full time?

If you work full time, then you can still work out your day at work to fit your natural peaks and troughs.

Why not leave easy things for straight after lunch and get the big stuff out of the way in the morning – or if you always leave work too tired to go the gym why not wake up an hour earlier and get there for the start of the day instead.

 – – – – – – – – – –

Stay at home mum?

If you are a stay at home mum then work out what you and your childrens best and worst times are for things and work around that – it’s always better to go shopping at a good time rather than fighting against tired kids for example….

Or, if you find yourself having stayed in all day as things have got on top of you at home then try and have an outing early in the day to give everyone some fresh air and energy for the day ahead.

– – – – – – – – – –

Do you make your day work for you, or against you? Why not work with what works for you and things may just go more smoothly

You get the idea!

The idea is that you can make life a little easier if you are more aware of what times of day you are at your best and worst.

Try it and see how you go….. a few teaks can really make all the difference in world…. just a thought….



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