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“A Lifetime of Chores” – makes you think!


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When you’re busy with your housework, and generally living your life, do you ever stop and think how much time you spend on different tasks?

I have been sent this fantastic infographic which is packed full of interesting and thought provoking facts and figures – take a look and see what you think (I have put my thoughts at the bottom of the post – lets see if we agree!)

infographic about chores


Image Credit – Life time of chores – An infographic by the team at Co-operative Insurance
Interesting hey! – the things that stood out the most, and amazed me, were these ones:-

  • Only 9 hours a month playing with children. Thats an average of just 18 minutes a day (including weekends)
  • One in 12 people spend more than 51 hours a month cleaning their homes – WOW – thats nearly 2 hours a day.
  • Nearly a YEAR was spent over a lifetime on food shopping
  • About 10 months was spent over a lifetime on finances and bill paying
  • 2.5 Months was spent over a lifetime on purely organising insurance!

The stats were a really interesting way of quantifying for me the value of getting more organised in life.

I don’t know many people who would look back on their lives and regret not spending more time cleaning, food shopping or paying bills – and I equally would place a bet that most people would have wanted to have spent as much quality time with their children as possible.

Getting more organised in just one area of life could free up so much time, that could be spent doing other stuff thats way more interesting.



Quick tips to save time right now:-

Inspired by these stats, here are a few tips that you can utilise right now to get more out of your day, and to avoid spending too much time on things that you don’t need to.

  • Get all your bills onto direct debits so that they are paid automatically
  • Buy your food shopping online
  • Work out whats “good enough” for your household cleaning – don’t overdo things
  • Get the whole family involved in tidying the house each evening – then its quicker to clean
  • Multitask when you can – going for a run with a friend rather than a gym session followed by a coffee will save time, or phone someone while you are walking the dog etc…
  • Use comparison sites for insurance etc… to get the best deal rather than individual sites
  • Get some help – if you simply don’t have the time to do everything, then get someone in to help with things like cleaning, ironing etc….
  • Only watch TV that you really want to watch – utilise recorded TV programmes so you can fast forward through adverts and watch at your convenience
  • Ask yourself whether a task REALLY has to be done or are you doing it through habit? Can you hoover less each week and not really notice the difference for example.


What do you think?

I’d love to know the stat that shocked you the most, and the one that didn’t surprise you at all – so please tell me by leaving a comment below – I look forward to seeing what you think!



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