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Life Hacks – How to move furniture easily & quickly


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The life hack I want to share today solves the issue of being able to move furniture easily around a room when needed – and I hope that it helps you as much as it has me!

how to move furniture easily - quick and easy way to move things when you need to - great for hoovering!

Whats the issue?

Have you ever had the following:-

  • When hoovering a space you struggle to move the furniture to get round the back and underneath it
  • When you move furniture from time to time you can feel that the legs are under pressure and may be bending slightly as they try and move over the flooring you have
  • When changing furniture around in a room for a fresh look, you always need at least one other person to help as its simply too hard by yourself, and tough on your back

I have a confession to make, and that’s that (9 times out of 10) I tend to hoover around the furniture rather than underneath it – but I feel that I am probably not alone in this…

After all, if you can’t see it, what’s the harm?!

But having recently had a new wooden floor fitted in our hallway and family room has made me look at things differently, and try out new solutions so that cleaning especially is easier every time, and no scratching would happen on the new floor (fingers crossed!).


What’s the answer?

I bought some felt protectors**,  which I have used over the years just to ensure there’s no scratching to the new floor, and they are great (and cost effective) but really only work on hard floors to stop scratching – I wanted to also have a solution that would make it easier to move furniture around the space as well (as I need to often move one item in particular to get to the switches at the back) and I was also looking for something that would work on carpet as I had other furniture in mind.

Therefore this time I also bought some furniture sliders**  for some of the items to try them out.

furniture sliders

I have used furniture sliders** before as a non permanent way of moving furniture around a room – you just slip them under each leg, move the item, and then take them away again – a great invention and really handy when doing things like decorating where you have to move everything around a lot in a room – but I was interested in having ones that stayed put this time that were good for the day to day stuff as well.

If they are permanent then not only do they protect the floor from being scratched if you move the furniture, but they also allow you to move the furniture much more easily – and you can simply attach them to the item and forget about them.



They have so many benefits:-

  • When cleaning it will be easier to pull out furniture and clean underneath it more often
  • Can be used on carpets / tiles / wooden floor etc… so they will help moving anything around the house
  • If I (and I do, a lot!) move furniture around, then it will be so much easier
  • Less strain on the furniture when it’s moved – especially over carpet
  • No more scratches on the hard floors
  • There are a couple of pieces of furniture that we regularly need to move to get to a plug/switch that is behind it – this now makes the job so much easier
  • Dining chairs constantly being pulled over tiles in the kitchen will make less noise and less scratches

Here’s a video to show you a little more:-

You can get all sorts of types of furniture gliders**,  so shop around for what works best for you – and they are all available in different sizes and shapes to fit your furniture correctly.

You simply stick them onto the bottom of the furniture and put it back in place. You can’t really see the gliders when they are on, and so can forget they are even there.

How to move furniture using furniture slidersIt really does make a difference, and I hope this little tip helps you in your home as well!





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