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Life Hacks – Why you should use a pen in your fridge!

This post is a quick fix life hack for your fridge, and fixing the issue of remembering when items were opened. 

428. life hacks fridge pen

I am a stickler for Best Before dates, and using food as the packaging states i.e. use within 3 days of opening. However, when it comes to opening the fridge and remembering when jars / bottles / packets were opened, it can be a bit hit and miss to say the least!

I didn’t want to use food that may have been opened a while ago, and as a result I found myself throwing away food that I wasn’t sure about.

What a waste of money and food – something had to be done to make sure we used up food as much as possible.

So, I fixed it with one simple trick that I wanted to share with you, so hopefully you can start using it too.


Adding a pen to the fridge makes it easy to check food

It really is that simple!

I started to write the date on food that I opened and put in the fridge, which worked really well (especially on things like pesto, dressings and tomato puree which can last for weeks in the fridge), but finding a pen that wrote well on all packaging when I needed it was a bit of a faff, so the obvious answer was having one stuck close by the fridge for the sole purpose of writing the opened date on.

I found that the inside of the fridge door just outside the fridge itself was the perfect place to put it.

fridge pen on inside of door to write opened date on

Now I can easily know how long somethings been in the fridge, and when it should be used by.

428. date opened on jar 428. juice with open date

Obviously you need to have all family members using the same system to make it fool proof, but it really is worth a couple of extra seconds when you open something, as it saves money on throwing something away when you could have used it.

TIP – I attached the pen with a blob of blu-tack as this was the easiest way to do it, but you could look at using a pen on a string, or a suitable pen clip – anything that works well for you.
TIP – I find that permanent pens work best on all packaging and doesn’t rub off when you take the items out of the fridge



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2 Responses to Life Hacks – Why you should use a pen in your fridge!

  1. Mary Jul 1, 2017 at 2:34 pm #

    Great idea to use.

    • Chrissy Halton Jul 5, 2017 at 11:34 am #

      Thanks Mary!

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